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Christmas London Crawl

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On Saturday 3rd of December 2005 a group of arrsers met in the Moon on the Mall. Unfortunatly a smaller group of arrsers had already been for a few warm up drinks so Papa Lazaroo had already been put to bed and the first casuality of the crawl had been taken.

On arriving at the moon we were greeted by what appeared to be a walking talking pile of t-shirts. This was infact Whiffler. The drinking then commenced (or continued in the case of a few). As people introduced themselves much ale was quaffed and the levels off piss taking increased. It was at this point the crawl recieved it's 2nd casuality as Mr C Hinecap announced he was off to a stagnight. Secretly the rest of the arrsers were relieved as looking up that far was giving us all a crick in the neck. He was very quickly followed by an involutary retirement as rather cruely Blessed Baby Cakes was asked to leave by the bastards behind the bar due to having a small baby strapped to her. Although it is fair to say the both Papa Lazaroo and Mr C Hinecap were outlasted by a small baby, surely a true arrser in the making.

Due to the genius of putting usernames on t-shirts StabTiffy2B was very quickly identified by Liz the nurse and Dale the snail who commenced with the eveings entertainment of abuse and physical violence that came his way thanks to his praise of ARRSE-Maidens in the run up to the crawl. It was the pointed out to TheBull140 of the comments made about him and the level of abuse increased to actual physical violence which concluded in Bully delivering the wedgie from hell holding stabtiffy 2 foot in the air by his pants leaving him crying for his mum in a rather high pitched tone.

The moment came where people were getting restless so Greengrass announced that a change of venue should take place. After much deliberating we decided to venture all the way to the pub the other side of the road. An andvace party were sent to find a nice quiet corner of the bar and ensure that anybody already sitting there left rather quickly. Once joined by the main party of the group the festivities commenced with various charity auctions which ended up with various members exposing themselves and the outstanding and rather passionate embrace between [[TrollyDolly] and Babyblue. In total just under £300 was raised for the Glider pilot fund being happily guarded by Sgt Slingsby. This could have been increased dramatically but nobody seemed to want to pay £500 to watch Dale the snail get naked.

Amazed that we hadnt been thrown out by now the bar staff announced last orders. Various people went in various directions yet the brave few headed to The Roadhouse where after a bit of a wait in the queue (dealt with some by waiting and by others by going to another pub) the remainder of the night was spent drinking, dancing and wondering where the fuck Ghost Rider had gone (he came in with us i know it). When the time came there were only 5 survivers these were

Babyblue, CarpeDiem, Recce Cpl, Sluice Dweller and TheBull140

Papa Lazaroo Doesn't count becuase he missed most of the evening and didnt resurface till 11