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Celle is now part of Hohne Garrison and is the location of a lone Armoured Infantry Battalion. The only camp now at Celle is Trenchard Barracks.

Celle lies to the North East of Hannover on the uninspiring river Aller and has a little over 70,000 people. It is in many respects 'picture postcard' Germany. It survived the war and still has many old half timbered houses, an impressive Schloss (palace type thing) and surrounding parkland, narrow cobbled streets, ice skating on the heath in winter, blah blah. The centre is typical for any small middle class German town. Karstadt, ice cream bars and restaurants offering a variety of overpriced, over salted german traditional fare.

While the landscape is hardly inspiring (flat and sandy) and it isn't the nightlife centre of Germany, Celle does have the benefit of being base to only one Battalion so the Army are not disliked as much as elsewhere. British / German relations benefit considerably from combined anti-Turk operations on Friday and Saturday nights, followed of course by extensive consumption of Turkish food.

Good Bars:

I'll start this rolling with the Hannenfass, Am Heiligen Kreuz 5, NE of the town centre before you cross the Aller. Friendly, willing to play 'ice ice baby' and suppliers of most excellent drinking games to the gentry.

If anyone wants to add anything in some way useful, now's your moment! :