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caubeen; a well known academic, wit, raconteur and sportsman and falconeer according to Lady Hacket (alledgedly).

Our caubeen claims to be a retired Brigadier with 30 years of colourful service. His claims extend to knowing many well known established military officers and well known public figures. He also knows the colour of the boat house at Hereford.

caubeen claims

1. That he is not Lt (retd) C. L. McKelvie, late the RBAI CCF, but IS a retired Brigadier of Irish infantry who retired in 2005.

2. A bezzer of Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Col Tim Collins (he calls him Timmy), Capt Robert Nairac and many many more!

3. He once sent a 0200 signal to NIHQ from Londonderry/Derry, reporting that "Quercetus quietus est." "The oak-grove is at peace." [Doire = oak=grove.] Int from HQ had alerted me to the fact that the Duty Brig. was a Classic, who might enjoy a little touch of Latin in the night, as well as the good tidings. He elegantly responded, "Sed Hibernia recordat haudque excusat". "But Ireland does not forget and never forgives."