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Category:Foreign Military Procurement Successes

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Very much like a British military procurement success, with two minor differences:

  • Used by soldiers with funny accents/weather/food/drink
  • They actually exist

The following items of equipment all:

  • Were/are needed
  • Work
  • Weren't/aren't obsolete before being introduced
  • Aren't crap
  • Worked straight out of the box without costing the GDP of a mid-sized African country to fix / maintain
  • Are squaddy proof
  • Were/are cheaper and better than civilian equivalents that can be bought off-the-shelf

Contrary to the opinion of the pub walt or armchair experts, not everything Russian counts as a procurement success - they've had their fair share of comedy equipment too, such as the T-72's autoloader that would frequently attempt to load the gunner's arm.

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