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This category exists to serve as a repository of all Blondebint related articles, in order that the casual ARRSEr or random user may spend many a happy hour gaining a better understanding of how truly sick and deranged lunatics from Worthing behave.

Whilst there is no hierarchy amongst the SysOps, please direct any questions or queries towards Proximo's talk page or PM him on ARRSE, as he created this category following an pathetic 'outing' attempt utilising completely wrong information. I guess you reap what you sow.

Please note that all pages within this category are PROTECTED from vandalism, so please ask if you want to add anything - the usual ARRSEPedia rules apply.

Many thanks and happy reading!

Proximo - the Keeper of the Knowledge, aka 'Jon' (aged 32, likes swimming, apparently) (ROFL)

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