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Inhabitants of the Dominion of the North - Canada. Canadians are an affable and hardy lot. They are very easy to spot due to their propensity to wear furry raccoon hats and Lumberjack shirts. They're also one of the few to give the Russians a serious drubbing at Ice Hockey. Most spams pretend to be Canadians when travelling abroad, as only the enlightened can easily spot the difference - the non-enlightened being the Fundie Jundies who want to kill all infidels - particularly spams.

Canadians while having normal police also have The Mounties (who always get their man, not dissimilar to 3 Para Mortar Platoon!).

The Royal Candian Mounted Police have a fine tradition of law enforcement including seeing off several invasions from the US (Fenian Invasions) where they took the guns off the drunk Spams and sent them home after a good talking to. Spams dont like to be reminded of this or the fact they lost the war of 1812.