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Watch out

A self-confessed (and self-obsessed) heroin user and dealer communist and vegan of Irish descent who likes to argue lost wars in the Intelligence Cell. Het signs off his posts with 'MSG,' the abbreviation of Mit Socialistischen Grüßen, (with socialist greetings,) the communist East German version of the previously popular phrase in that area, “Heil Hitler”. Strange how some people feel one version of murdering extremist is so much more socially acceptable than another. Also known for his peculiar style of debating to get his point across.

Early Life

It was mid 20th century and famine roamed the land of Eire, driving a destitute and desperate Bugsy into the evil clutches of the British Empire. He joined the British Army at the age of eight making him the youngest child soldier ever to take the Queen's Shilling. Until then Tropper had been the youngest ever at everything.

When he turned 16 years old the fairy godmother of Christal Meth, Tina, appeared to him in a drug infueled rush to reveal “all humans are herbivores”. He dropped at her unwashed, junkie feet and instantly vowed to adopt a purely vegan lifestyle. Since then he divides the world into two groups: “herbivores” to the left and “carnivores” to the right. Vegans do not work with the concept of “omnivores” hence the rather dualistic world vision. Ying/Yang, Herbivores/Carnivores, Communists/Capitalists, Retarded/Rational.

According to various accounts posted by Bugsy himself he joined in the 60's, was parachute trained, a weapons instructor, served in the Falklands and was only in the RAMC and not in a teeth-arm - a service history that anyone with the slightest degree of military knowledge can see doesn't exactly make sense. Feel free to ask him whether he was in the RAMC or whether he was a skill at arms instructor - see how keen he is to answer!

Rise to fame of Mr. Pants O'Flame

Consensus on ARRSE is that this user is a habitual liar (either that or his massive heroin use has left his brain damaged beyond repair). On a dark cold night in 1975 four members of his family were "topped" by the British Army. Hang on. Or was it 1978? Or was it five members in either 1975 or 1978? Or may be both?

However, there is no consensus in Bugsy's drugs affected memory about the date, the exact number of family members involved, nor any consensus as to what "topped" means in either Swiss German, in DDR newspeak or in Gaelic. Sofar DaManBugs manages to dodge any questions regarding this like a professional ballerina on speed. (

His irrational rantings on the boards has attracked various users to question the claims he makes. Being a full supporter of the glorious DDR he never lets the truth stand in the way of a good lie and always tries to make someone else look like a liar. He must have been a great Genoße back in the 70s to have as a neighbour. Stanley1975 wonders how many Kameraden he sold out to the Stasi for a bag of wholesome herbal silver and the warm sensation of feeling righteous. And how many of those he betrayed ended up dead in a labour camp.

Due to his socialist approach of life he firmly believes all means are allowed to reach the utopian goal of winning an argument on the internet. As stacker1 recently found out when he challenged Bugsy in a very mature way. He was instantly met with lies. In this case it involved a PM stacker1 had allegedly send to Bugsy in 2010. ARRSE was pretty impressed he'd managed to copy and paste a private message from an account that has been banned for a couple of years.

His lying is so habitual that he often forgets he could just answer another user. Instead he decides to confuse other users by dumping more lies into the arguement. One of his more popular lies is his claim that FiveAlpha, Badger Heed, Steven Seagull and Bile Spewer are sock puppets of one person. A claim usually dished out when he's dug a hole so deep he can't look over the edge for a proper escape.

Beyond Arrse

Bugsy is very active on a variety of internet fora including one where old farts gather together to share their reminiscences of their time in the DDR. Apart from lying constantly he also shows signs of being severly brain damaged as this post indicates:

1973 mussten wir für unsere Sprünge nach England reisen, weil der Ballon in Gütersloh den “TÜV“ nicht bestanden hatte (schließlich stammte er aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg).

Wir fuhren nach Sudbury in Hampshire, in eine Gegend, die richtig “English“ war. Mit dabei waren aber auch vier Ami Soldaten, die auch die britische “Schwingen“ verdienen wollten. Die ersten 2 Sprünge gingen, wie immer, vom Ballon. Aber diesmal habe ich mir ein paar Gedanken angestellt. Der Bürgerkrieg in Nordirland tobte schon eine ganze Weile, und während wir auf 800 Fuß hochgeleiert wurden, zeigte ich nach oben und fragte den Jumpmaster (die bei uns immer Royal Air Force waren, aber bei den Amis von der jeweiligen Waffengattung, also Armee, Marines, usw.), ob dort im Ballon Helium war. “Nein“, meinte er, “da ist Wasserstoff drin,“ Das plötzlich auftretende Geräusch, das wie Kastagnetten klang, rührte vom schnellen Vibrieren meiner Rosette. Denn ich habe mir gedacht, da brauchen wir nur einen verärgerten Iren, der sich im Wald unten versteckt und ein paar Leuchtspurpatronen dabei hat und wir spielen die unfreiwillige Hauptrolle in “Der Hindenburg – Teil II“. Original post here.

Because standing at 800 the main issue occupying your mind will be to ask the jumpmaster whether the balloon is filled with Helium... According to Bugsy's unreliable memory British balloons were filled with hydrogen gas back in the 70s which alarmed him massively. Apparently all some “annoyed Irish” had to do was to hang around a DZ in Britain and shoot up some cartrigdes in an attempt to create a sequel to the Hindenburg. Honestly, what a load of fucking bull shit. A clear sign of a mental illness. With hindsight it would have made the internet a better place had some of them picked up on the idea.

Bugsy’s MO:

1) Present an unproven, challenging or idiotic belief for discussion (or force an open door) with 100% enthusiasm and a hint of grandfatherly “wisdom” and “tongue in cheek” (ohhh, we’re soooooo daring to walk the limits of science and human capabilities!!!!)

2) Par the first reasonable critics with long posts of unsubstantiated post-modernist, quasi-intellectual-sounding empty drivel. Use a lot of “you don’t present any facts”.

3) When the facts are coming in left, right and centre -> don’t duck. Just post more inane tripe to try to confuse the challenger.

4) When it’s no longer an option to ignore the vast amount of evidence against your original post, play the “it’s an opinion” or “it’s a belief” card. Everybody has opinions or beliefs and they should all be valued equally. Innit.

5) After other posters point out not every opinion is valued equally, start digging and maintain for another 4 odd posts that they’re wrong and you’re right.

5a) Optionally, briefly divert at this stage onto the pet topic of "true" socialism, and how it is so incredibly super duper and perfect if you could only convince people about it and then we could destroy capitalism (greatest threat to the universe, don't you know?) and everyone would live happily ever after in a Lala land of fairy dust and unicorn farts free from the tyranny of people wanting self-betterment.... And breathe...

6 ) When sensible criticism is still inbound (meaning a few posters haven’t given up on educating you) throw in the minority card. Flavour of the month is “Irish”. Some suggestions:

i. Oh, you really told this thick paddy
ii. Make me look like a silly mick
iii. Just because we eat spuds it doesn’t mean we’re omnivores

7) Start calling people “mucker”

8) You’ve set the tone of the debate now. Keep going. After the “Irish stuff” wears thin, play the underdog. But pretend you’re not really affected by it. Some suggestions:

i. You just want to make me look inferior so you come across as superior.
ii. Oh, you really want to get in the good book of the big boys on ARRSE.
iii. Poor me, people just post abuse instead of debating.

9) By now you’ve effectively lost 90% of the readers of the thread. There’s still this 10% persisting people trying to reason with you. Start taking the moral high ground by saying you’d never resort to abuse or name calling because it is too easy. Give a few examples to show them how easy it is and make sure you stress you would never resort to this. Meanwhile drop in as much name calling as you can cramp in.

i. Odd_Sarge (Ord_Sgt)
ii. Sixtydotfool (Sixty)
iii. Friedalfie (fivealpha)

10) When the critics don’t go away, dish out a couple of umlauts to show them you can fight in multiple languages.

i. Mücker
ii. Fück
iii. Cünt
10a) This is now an appropriate time for Optional Special Move Nummer Zwei: start criticising the spelling, punctuation and grammar of other posters. Ensure, however, when making "corrections" that you yourself make a least one mistake by correcting something that isn't wrong.
10b) Display you're a witty chap by misspelling words on purpose. Make sure you do it in such a way the readers can imagine you sitting back in your chair chuckling at your own posts in self admiration. This is probably the most challenging point in the present MO since if this fails the reader will be left with a very disturbing picture of you choking on some c0ck.
10c) Refuse to use the proper names for places and organisations. Instead use whatever abbreviation sounds cool to come across as if you're in the know. Never ever ever mention Afghanistan in it's entirety, instead call it:
i. Affers
ii. Stan
ii. Ganners

Not every name allows for a cool sounding abbrevation. In that case use the apostrophe to make your point:

i. 'Ra
ii. 'Raq
iii. 'Ran

11) If this doesn’t scare away other posters switch to German all together - if multiple mistakes are pointed out in that language - hurl abuse in an obscure dialect like Swiss German or, as the perceived secure option, move straight on to Italian. Additionally, address people as “mucker” in the above languages. (thanks para_medic)

12) Throw a hissy fit and roll in self pity.

i. Why oh why did I start this thread? Am I surrounded by darkness?
ii. Why did I try to enlighten the community of ARRSE?”
iii. Why does everybody hate me?

13) Finally, make the thread all about yourself. Ignore all comments which contain evidence against your opening post and instead point out how very interesting this whole topic has been so far (or “apparently there is no clear answer to this question...”) as it’s now running into 20 pages.

14) By now the remaining 10% of the diehards have left the building, praying it will collapse burying TS with it. The thread dies of death.

15) Get banned.

16) Reregister under a similar nickname.

17) Get banned yet again for personally insulting the Mod known as "Sixty", who was known as "Sixtyfootdoll" before he begged to change his name because fellas were hitting on him. Thereafter he was known as "Sixtydotfool", which he hated!

18) Return under a new guise as kalle_m or TAFKAB or DaManBugs and immediately perform all of the above.

19) Resorts to employing Cockney rhyming slang in a futile attempt to fit in and endear himself to his critics. An Irishman who takes it upon himself to talk Cockney. He doesn't realise it just makes him look like more of a Muppet.

Example of 19 - "Your man, the Septics. Ahh to be sure, to be sure, to be sure."

The latest:

Not content with bashing the bullshit button into oblivion, Bugsy has taken it upon himself to engage in a war of words with Stacker 1.

The following was taken from the Meltdown thread.

I'm not obsessive, spackerman, but you most certainly are. That's why you continually attempt to divert attention away from your fanatical obsession by stating that I'm not bothered - to mask the fact that you really are very, very bothered indeed. It's a childish and clumsy ploy, but, of course, it's practically the only one available to you with your extremely limited intellect. What you'd dearly like to classify as "obsessive" on my part is merely retaliation at your ceaseless insults and unwarranted abuse - which you deploy just to make yourself feel "better". But it's not working is it?
You're so "not bothered" that you lamented that you couldn't find any piccies of me on "t'interwebz" so that you could, as you put it: "mock my appearance". You expressed your intense disappointment that you were unable to send a few links to the Nottingham SWP website in an attempt to discredit me. You went out of your way to (repeatedly) denigrate my "third-rate" translation business and the fact that I speak a number of languages fluently. Although in spite of having lived more than half your life in Germany, you've proved too thick to be able to learn the language yourself. Your first mention of my supposedly being a drunkard was on 25 July 2015. Which begs the question: why not in all the years before that? Since then you've moronically posted the same thing or similar 1,655 times, with the later addition of also striking my (Italian) wife. That's how "not bothered" you are, spackerinski! And you won't find one single instance of my mentioning you on other threads, while you do that to me on a regular basis. You're sickly and singularly obsessed, spackerman! Still, if it occupies your time and stops you molesting the kids in your area, I suppose it's all to the good.

So, in Bugsy's own words, he isn't obsessed. No sir, not one bit. That's why he follows Stacker round the site like he wants to hump his leg and stick his tongue down Stacker's ear canal.