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British Military Procurement Mysteries

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The British Military has a habit of procuring and adopting, usually at great expense to the taxpayer, many things that either:

  • Aren't needed
  • Don't work
  • Are obsolete before they're introduced (or even designed in some cases)
  • Are crap
  • Work eventually but cost the GDP of a mid-sized African country to fix
  • Are not squaddy proof
  • Are more expensive and worse than civilian equivalents that can be bought off-the-shelf

We're not alone in this; but at least American Military procurement mysteries don't completely stuff the Defence budget for everything else. Examples include:

Near-misses that were almost foisted on the army include:

  • Pattern 13 Rifle
  • EM-2 Rifle (was supposed to work OK but it's still a bullpup)
  • Burton magazine (ok, so this was a very long time ago)
  • .402 Enfield-Martini ammunition

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