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Bren and L4 Light Machine Gun

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The Bren was developed from the Czech 7.92mm ZB26. Prduction started at Enfield in 1937 and during WW2 it was also produced by Inglis in Canada where in addition to the .303" version they also made a 7.92mm version for Nationalist China.

The .303" Bren went through five marks:

Bren Light Machine gun Mk 1, Mk 1a, Mk 2, Mk 3 and finally Mk 4

Calibre----------------- .303 (7.7mm Rimmed)
System of operation----- Gas, Selective fire
Overall length---------- 45 inches
Barrel length----------- 25 inches
Feed device------------- 30 Box magazine, 100 "Hi Speed" Drum magazine for AA use
Muzzle Velocity--------- 2440 feet per second (Mk 7 ball)
Cyclic rate------------- 500 rounds per minute
Weight of gun----------- 22.2 pounds

There was a tripod and AA mount manufactured.

The 7.62mm Bren replaced the .303 Bren in British service and there were 7 marks:

Bren light Machine Gun L4A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 and finally L4A7 for the Indian Army.

.303 Bren Gun Mk 1


L4 7.62mm version of the .303 Bren Gun.