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Date Joined 11 November 2005
Posts Chats more likely
Location Dreamland
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Booboo, a Chav hating posh Welsh bird resident in Englandshire. Ambition in life is to marry a rich, well endowed old man to maintain her in the standards to which mummy and daddy had her accustomed. In the mean time, is happy to continue with her day job of making muffin tops. Has an aversion to supermarkets and all things domesticated in nature, in her defence though she gives great headache, and other aches.

Phwoar she's gorgeous. Hitler.

Naval Intelligence can confirm that her arrse is perfect and she's ever so posh!! the_matelot Military Intelligence can confirm that it is not just the arrse that is perfect! Linemanloz

She is also extremely fit, can leap tall buildings in a single bound and good at everything she does (Damn her), apart from pastry and shopping. Is very good at keeping up the morale of troops far from home.

All round super-hottie with an IQ like a Brian Lara innings, fabulous teeth and a real catch, if you can put aside the Welsh thing. Spends most of her time in chat fending off enquiries from MDN centered on her no doubt excellent bottom, making 'cuddly' remarks and torturing students. Gives fantastic headache, and is adept and skilled at being a squaddiechick, in spite of the fact she looks like butter wouldn't melt.

Can also text at about 200 words a minute, no doubt whilst ascending the North face of the Matterhorn in a straitjacket and flip-flops whilst playing a particularly difficult concerto on a skiffle board and enquiring of terrified young squaddies , "is it safe?" Which would be greated by a retort of "Man up abit you poof!"

An Glasgow crawl Survivor.