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Boiled sweets. Sometimes used as the base bargaining currency for 10 man rations trading (10 man ration packs contained an entire tin of these known as "the mother lode").

Bolied sweets were placed in ration packs at the request of the RADC to ensure that for the full duration of any exercise a soldier's mouth was under attack, thus following the train hard, fight easy policy of Her Majesty and ensuring that they had plenty of work.

To those in the know, GB (Green Boilies) are the ultimate weapon against the nodding donkey of silly o'clock stags.

Boiled sweets also acquired the epithet 'Diabolicals' somewhere in the mists of time.

It is also worth noting that if boilies are placed in any large, dark recess for a significant length of time, they will begin to reproduce. This is quite a common occurrence in certain places such as combat jacket pockets, where sweets may be found after many days or weeks after they were put there, and often in significantly larger numbers than the owner can account for. It is believed that they reproduce by a form of mitosis, but this is unconfirmed.

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