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This article is part of Project Blondebint, the ongoing categorisation
of that troll's unfortunate and unwholesome addiction to ARRSE.

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Blondebint - executive summary

Blondebint is the very baddest of the bad fairies. Sent to the land of ARRSE to plague the children of ARRSE and cast a blight on their fun and humour, periodically slain by the good knights of ARRSE this evil troll has the power of reincarnation and soon reappears in a new and cunning guise. This is why all newcomers to the land of ARRSE are treated as possible evil incarnations and mistrusted - for a bit, anyway.

Who / what she?

Blondebint (or BB as she is mostly referred to) is an attention craving trollop in her mid forties. Has been described as "arrse's very own female Alan Partridge only far less funny, far more frumpy and even more annoying" - which is something for newer trolls to aim at, I suppose.

In many ways, BB is the Queen Troll of all Trolls on ARRSE - a manic fruit-loop of gigantic proportions. It goes without saying that she is grotesquely fat, and probably a danger to her children.

She is a mad attention-seeker, with a penchant for men in black balaclavas. Strongly believes that her ex-husband's police career has made her and her family a target for terrorist violence. Shows occasional evidence of religious mania (see below).

Discerning features

So desperate for attention, that she is not bothered that it is all negative; she is always a member of ARRSE, and pops her head back over the parapet with tiresome regularity. Has/had a lunatic crush on Lord Flasheart since time began, and in the pits of her illness, often blames ARRSErs for stalking her and making her life a misery, even to the point of thinking some of them hide in her garden and rearrange the tools in her potting shed, which would certainly go down as a first on most police jotters.

Not so much a danger to the site, as more a nuisance, walt, and dullard; and in-keeping with classic troll behaviours, has had numerous logins, such as foxy, bint, lady landy, olive green, pompeyboys, to name just a few - but there are plenty more and the list keeps on growing.

Despite endless promises and pledges to leave, she persists in viewing and taking part in a site where she is as welcome as a cancerous lump on a testicle. Despises mighty doh nut with true passion, and has struck him off her Christmas card list forever. Lately it is obsessed with the user jarrod248, and follows him all over the site, going spastic on the report button. Deeply troubled psychologically, it uses projection on site members and other such terms it learned at numerous appointments with psychological services. If it's female, follows jarrod248 in an unhealthy manner you can guarantee who it is.

Examples of its madness

Caution - Long Winded Diatribe

MDN - in the interests of good intelligence once sent BB an email and declared "I don't think it is BB......... I sent her an email and got venom in return."

Typically, the wretched hag couldn't hold back, and vented spleen in her usual eye-bleeding fashion.

"Venom? My reply was venom? That's a little dishonest isn't it? My reply simply described once again the venom YOU have inflicted upon my life for the past two years. You failed to mention any of that to your adoring fans.

You are right. It's not me. If it was me I would be at your front door and dealing with you face to face. You know that. You are afraid of that. I do resist coming to see you as I am not capable of a physical fight and you are actually not even worth it.

I was asked to leave arrse in Pm by more than one man and not post again as 'the cavalry' have apparently arrived. I believe you have managed to upset some very important people.Oh dear.

Same as you I don't actually know who they are but they have kindly sent me lots of links to let me enjoy what they are doing and see what they have put on the web about you. Seems from your posts your haven't found a fraction of it yet. It gets much much worse. I admit I feel relieved that others can see what an evil bastard you are.

I don't know what the whole agenda is but what's good about watching action being taken is that I am realising what a very very sad man you are. You really are pathetic. Takes a lot of the hurt and anger away realising that you are actually very pathetic and a total loser.

I've also noticed that an awful lot of 'bad luck' seems to be occuring to my main detracters... alleged rapes.. attacks... pregnancies... thefts... stalkers... illnesses. You people even still celebrate the death of LNV. It is not BB who will destroy you, or me, You are doing a great job of that yourself.

What you reap you sow. I did warn you. Repent"

Which kind of sums up what an odd woman she is: living at the centre of her own strange manichean universe, in which MDN - or anyone else on Arrse - actually gives a toss about her as a person rather than an irritant. Is ARRSE actually the fulcrum of a cosmos-wide battle between good and evil, with Blondebint trying to save us all from the cruel MDN and his evil (though glamorous) assistant Cait as they seek to drag us down to the fires of Hell? Or is it just an amusing website where people of a military frame of mind can banter and slag each other off?

Who knows, but the truth is that nobody wants a crazed middle-aged female with an Andy McNab fixation offering potentially vulnerable people her 'advice' on matters like PTSD.

I don't like your campaign of stalking and abuse against me over the past two years where you have promised to destroy me time and again. You shrugging your shoulders and denying responsibility for your actions won't cut it.

This won't go away until you have removed my photographs and all the dozens of posts you and your gang have posted revealing my personal details. These details are not isolated on your site- they are on the world wide web and it is you that has led and directed this campaign against me.

Yes I can and will prove it when this all ends up being looked at by the authorities. Your silence will not end this matter. Repent, aplogise and Redress matters while you still can. You for two years have freely posted my personal information and photos on the web, I shall feel therefore free to return the favour until you have changed your behaviour. Police? Adjutant? Your boss? civil courts? Special branch? dear dear, where will it all end? The choice, my dear, is yours.

Special Branch? What planet is she on FFS?

Blondebint and her good works

As discussed above, BB is one woman who hangs around like genital warts, and is about as popular. She has an unhealthy obsession with charitable work for ex-services groups, and falsely claims to have founded a South Coast-based project helping homeless ex-servicemen. It is believed that she is involved with the Dare To Excel website on MSN groups, and routinely 'outs' herself by jumping onto any and all threads about PTSD and related issues - she simply cannot stop herself from posting complete fucking crap.

More recently, she claimed to be 'the Regional RBL Representative', but that was soon discovered to be a lie as well. Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the email here, but if you want a copy of the emails that proves she is bullshitting fantasist who pretends to be a Regional RBL Representative, then just ask around.

A later username 'Pumpernickel' reported that it worked with people with PTSD, again all proven to be gibberish. When it moved on to be 'Apachewarrior24' it thought it would try and get ex squaddies gainful employment by seeking copies of red books.

Current location and happenings

The crazed lunatic has moved to Hereford to be nearer to SAS. She probably sits in the market square opposite Boots wearing Oakleys, idling dreaming about being swept off her feet by a caffeine-needy Blade...ahhh, Jeannie! She also considered committing suicide, but unfortunately missed.

Currently, it relates it's treatment on ARRSE to gang rape in India.

'Blondie is a load of crap.

Some interesting comments on the thread, but I doubt us discussing it would make any difference to what has happened in India, hence my silence so far.

Just an observation though, but the high ideals expressed by some here just doesn't gel with the recent 'gangbanging' of a female arrser off this website, and the insulting Blondie article. It seems each culture to its own, virtual or otherwise.

I'm sure I'm going to get shot down for this little digression, but I will resume my silence so please continue'.

Known aliases

A brief article such as this can never hope to fully capture the insanity that is BB, but what follows is a list of known identities on ARRSE.

  • Blondebint
  • Lady landy
  • Bint
  • Candida
  • Foxy
  • Scabard
  • Olive green
  • Pompeyboys
  • actiontoday
  • service
  • Parthenon300
  • Pumpernickel
  • Apachewarrior24
  • Birdofprey6000
  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Shibusa2
  • Privatemembersbill
  • DesertRat
  • Ipso_facto

BB has made several attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of ARRSE in recent times. With three names registered in one day tracked back to her! ARRSE has eyes everywhere BB. It's only a matter of time before you're found and made sterile.

Oh and by the way - you reap what you sow..... You do indeed.

As of 2020, Blondebint (with the name 'ipso facto') has been all over ARRSE like a tramp on chips. Well, I say all of ARRSE but mainly one thread - the thread about the only person who is more brain-damaged than her - Donald Trump.

Ipso has been bleating on about being bullied on ARRSE ever since she came along, but still keeps coming back time after time with poor disguises and a "I'm a victim!" attitude.


She is 100% batshit mental, and is best to be avoided, unless you're into self-mutilation.

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