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Big Feck Off Gun

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The RA in Afghanistain. Gun at right is a BFOG because it's towed by an elephant and the enemy have nothing like it; gun at left isn't because it's carried by donkeys.

Commonly found mounted on tanks. Cause either great joy if you have one and the enemy haven't, or great distress if the enemy have one and you haven't.

BFOG's can also be found on self propelled guns ie artillery. They are more about being unpleasant to people far away and are not that much use if they are close to the action.

BFOG's can be found on ships although unless you are a few miles from the coast or a VERY wide river, these guns are not going to be much good to you.

BFOG's can occasionally be found on planes especially A-10 Warthogs (30mm cannon - not that big but definitely Feck Off) and C-130H Spectre and AC-130U Spooky gunships (AC-130H/U: 40mm cannon and 105mm cannon; AC-130U: 25mm gun).