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=='''Helibourne Surveillance Operator'''==
=='''Helibourne Surveillance Operator'''==
* Much better than Big Brother.
Deleted as bollocks.
* Meet some interesting people.
* You get access to the [[AAC]] secret chocky lockers around [[the Province]].
* You get [[flying pay]]! and a gucci flight suit!
=='''Trunk Node Technician'''==
=='''Trunk Node Technician'''==

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Driving Jobs

  • EOD Van Driver - The best way to speed legally.
  • Police Advanced Driver - Driver of an Army (civi spec), Police car, awesome!!!
  • Naafi Van Driver - Dutch bloke I met in the mess (related to Hertz Van Rental).

Helibourne Surveillance Operator

Deleted as bollocks.

Trunk Node Technician

  • Responsible for own toolbox and fluke multimeter
  • Electrical shocks on demand at no extra cost
  • Free abuse off operators 24/7

Radio Relay Operator

  • God's own trade
  • PS2/Xbox Gods
  • Have access to 240v AC on exercise and deployments. Always able to boil kettle.
  • The above may not apply to SCRA dwellers.
  • Will usually deploy TV antenna prior to getting shot in.

Operating Department Practitioner

  • Responsible for ruining many a QAs virtue

Specialist Operator

See Specialist Operator

  • Able to be promoted so quickly you knew them yesterday as a LCpl and tomorrow they will be a Sgt
  • Get paid loads more money for doing loads less work.
  • Highly intelligent and so pick up the best birds, especially cos of the above point
  • Takes ages to train them so always in a cushy posting
  • Perfect "Walt" material as they can rarely tell you what their job entails. If they did you'd be really, REALLY disappointed.