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Try protesting like that in the Guards Naafi and see what happens!

Civilian Meaning

The outer covering of a large mammal heavily armed with teeth and claws. The bear comes in the following flavours:

  • Black Bear - Not cute - and not cuddly.
  • Brown Bear - Not cute - larger, nastier and serious don't go there.
  • Polar Bear - Seriously not cute - don't go there or eat his liver.
  • Koala Bear - Looks cute - Not - likely to vomit, pee or savage your ankles.
  • Panda - Laziest cnut on the planet - cant even be bothered to shag let alone be cute
  • Teddy Bear - Looks cute - Deceptive - be very, very wary - possibly bugged by zaNU-Labour.

Military Meaning

A special kind of work hat that Guardsmen wear. It was developed in the days when soldiers wore hats that made them look 10 feet tall, together with red jackets that didn't show injuries or blood, in order to to intimidate the indigenous population of of whatever lands was about to be taught the benefits of belonging to the benevolent British Empire.

Due to whynging organisations like PETA, synthetic bearskins are being looked at to replace the dead ursine titfer. Frankly the thought of a guardsman in a polyester hat would probably be enough to cause Napoleon to fall about laughing ... assuming he was alive and knew what polyester was.

Other Meanings

Could also involve fun and games in front of the fire.