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Bang Out

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Bang out has a number of meanings:

  • To smack someone hard enough to knock them over / render them unconscious. Now as any pugilist will tell you even knocking someone over with one punch is really hard. What is more if you want to knock them out then a blow to the head is required. Now as we know hitting someone's head is Bad Drills as it's generally really hard and is full of pointy teeth that will break your fingers / gouge out your knuckles. So the true artist will go for a body shot in the Solar Plexus which will leave your opponent gasping for breath and incapable of further action. Or you shoot them.

Also (and this may or may not be true)

  • "Bang Out" is Crab for ejecting from your kite which sounds cool - "Yeah I had to Bang Out!". From this to "Bang out" has become parlance from getting the feck out of somewhere in short order. See`also pull the yellow and black handle.

e.g. I saw the size of her Badly Stuffed Kebab and I banged right out of there.

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