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Executive Summary: The British Broadcasting Corporation

The British Broadcasting Corporation aka "Baffled, Bumbling and Clueless" is the British statutory public service broadcaster with a Royal Charter. It's also a greedy old hag, supported by aggressive liberal activists and long overdue for reform.

Tell us something we don't know...

A beacon for politicised nutjobs everywhere: the BBC is dogged by scandal, shame and controversy, particularly over the undemocratic TV Tax, policed by Capita's bullying debt collectors. Now regulated by Ofcom, the BBC delivers radio, TV, digital, commercial and online services covering the nations and regions of the UK, besides the BBC World Service.

In summary the centre-left bumbling old fart of broadcasting, its Oxbridge executives and its programme makers, all decide what is best for their audiences, ergo relentless Politically Correct, Diversity and radical progressive agendas led by Left Wingers funded by undemocratic BBC levies.

Culturally-Liberal Bias

The corporation - described as "London-centric" - destroys its impartiality with its pervasive Left Wing bias and cultural liberals; "products of the types of people it employs" (Andrew Marr). Clearly, some groups and viewpoints get favourable treatment while others are derided or ignored (Robin Aitken). "The most watched News is the BBC output"; "the most popular newspaper at the BBC is The Guardian" and the BBC places three quarters of its staff recruitment advertisements in the Guardian (Press Gazette, FOI, 2016).

Demonstrably infected with the venal underground Common Purpose virus: progressive management and European politics have driven the BBC towards Diversity and "excessive PC" in recent times; fine, if you're not a straight, older person or you voted for Brexit. And theoretically, its "scrupulous impartiality" has gone out of the window.

The Broadcasting Dinosaur

According to Ofcom, more people are watching shows and films through Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services than through traditional satellite and cable TV. All things considered: the BBC and its radical supporters might eventually lose the battle entirely.

The UK media regulator shows that online streaming is more popular than pay-TV and that website subscriptions hit 15.4 million in the first quarter of 2018 (Guardian, July 2018). Despite the considerable investment and effort traditional broadcasters put in: the 'wasteful' BBC seems unable to keep ahead of its rivals with subscriptions and internet services.

Unlike the BBC, streaming services giants aren't funded to shape civic society and multiculturalism, nor are they mandated to preach political agendas. Losing relevance and viewers (Lord Hall), the mandatory BBC licence fee as it stands and the universal flat-rate fee can no longer be justified.

'Biased BBC'

Both sides of the left/right political dichotomy have accused the corporation of bias, and it has - according to Mark Thomson - in the past been guilty of "massive left-wing bias". Thompson once claimed that "the BBC is now a 'broader church", but within guidelines the BBC seems to do whatever it likes while suffocating its productions with Islington politics, and giving legitimacy to mad, divisive social activists.

  • The BBC is “a publicly-funded urban organisation with an abnormally large proportion of younger people, of people in ethnic minorities and almost certainly of gay people, compared with the population at large” (Andrew Marr). All this, he said, “creates an innate liberal bias inside the BBC”.
  • "The role of the BBC as an impartial provider of news and current affairs across all its platforms is just as important as ever". In March 2019, Ofcom announced- presumably with good reasons - a review of the BBC’s news and current affairs output across television, radio and online.
  • Hindu and Sikh leaders in the United Kingdom have accused the BBC of pandering to Britain's Muslim community by making a disproportionate number of programmes on Islam at the expense of covering other Asian religions such as Sikhism and Hinduism. However, in a letter sent to the Network of Sikh Organizations (NSO), the head of the BBC's Religion and Ethics, Michael Wakelin, denied any bias.
  • The corporation has been criticised by MPs over pay inequality. Fond of bandying 'reality checks' around, the corporation could do with a bit of reality itself. It's been guilty of ageism and age discrimination, and even if it's not Left Wing biased, it certainly looks and sounds that way.
  • Programme makers have used peak viewing times to transmit their Brexit politics including to annoyed viewers of the revered long-running TV institution Dr Who series.

BBC Comedy and Agendas

  • The BBC used to be undeniably great for comedy and Radio 4 knows it, after all it broadcasts programmes showcasing the best of BBC comedy. Obviously things went downhill with the "Noughties" trash, and Barry Cryer still bravely introduces it.
  • Radio 4 'comedy' panel shows have been rebuked for "obvious anti-Tory bias". The BBC was forced to concede that overall, all programmes needed to show ‘due impartiality especially when dealing with topical, controversial issues.’
  • Andrew Neil the BBC political presenter often accused of right wing bias, complained perhaps correctly that "the corporation's comedy output is too left wing" (Nov. 2018).
  • Comic Relief in 2017 was evidently "dire" and one of the worst ever seen. Viewers "slammed the BBC’s charity ding-dong as unfunny and shambolic" (Telegraph, March 2017). Unfunny bellends like Norton and Brand wouldn't have helped much.
  • BBC executives deny left-wing bias (Harding, 02 June 2015) and some of them admit they should have kept their mouth shut, but none of this helps if the BBC itself isn't even sure whether it's scrupulously impartial or not.
  • The problem with militant Left Wing comics on the BBC, apart from being unfunny, is that they have an uncontrollable urge to impose their silly, leftist beliefs upon a paying audience and bully them into agreeing. Besides, "they're dying on their arse outside of London" (Albert Jack).
  • Although the BBC has cleaned up its act, it's still employing debt collectors to fund PC propaganda comedy while essentially a public platform for entryist reform and Woke issues.

Multicultural Bias

In August 2018 the corporation pulled an immigration video aimed at GSCE students, claiming that 'Britain was multicultural long before curry and carnival'. There were complaints of bias and the animated film was removed from Youtube, following accusations that it broke impartiality rules. One part of the film claimed that immigration had fuelled a “huge rise” in support for right-wing politics (The Standard).

"The BBC internally is not neutral about multiculturalism. It believes in it, and it promotes diversity. Let’s face up to that'." (Milnes, 29 May 2013). Also accused of multicultural propaganda "and risking a conflict of interest", luckily for the BBC there is no absolute test of impartiality.

Funding and "Aggressive" Operations

BBC Studios "has revenue of £1.4bn, and returns around £200m to the BBC Group annually, complementing the BBC’s licence fee and enhancing programmes for UK audiences". If the BBC has also received millions of Euros from the European Union - on top of the licence fee tax - since 2015 then it's reasonable to ask why and what for.

Executive Committee

An Executive Committee runs the corporation's business and operations. Chaired by the Director-General there are fifteen directors managing large operational areas of the BBC. At the time of writing: the executive committee was so not BBC-stylee diverse; feet will have stamped and heads exploded. Magically, the BBC has since ushered in a bit of Executive diversity.

BBC Scare Tactics

BBC Stasi Walts promise doom to people who never watch live TV and "target vulnerable people as part of an aggressive bonus scheme for licence collectors" (The Register in 2017). The BBC is funded principally by the controversial mandatory annual television licence fee, enforced by door to door Crapita BBC CID Walts hassling households and posting beltfed menacing red letters.

News and Current Affairs

The BBC is always the first on top of any news, anywhere, anytime, with "up-to-the-minute news, breaking news, video, audio and feature stories", plastering its online news with social justice sob stories and Brexit Project Fear. More recently, it's been criticised often unfairly, accused of being overly politically correct in an inherently liberal industry, also of bias against Israel, and it's been attacked by PM Theresa May for a "‘frankly astounding’ biased budget broadcast".

"Double Standards"

BBC News may be trustworthy, yet its directors and News content have been controversial and criticised for "double standards" in "BBC News reporting of racial crimes when white people were the victims" (during 2005). Complainants suggested the BBC buried stories such as the racist murder of Kriss Donald, with comparable murders involving black victims given twelve times more coverage and the opening of an arts centre in Gateshead reported in preference to Donald's murder.

Common Purpose "cultural intelligence" or not, BBC reluctance to confront minority crime seems part of a litany of cowardly and politically biased journalism and officialdom at the highest levels. If the corporation denies left-wing or liberal bias: its weak controllers, pouting journalists, associates and sycophant MPs scramble to be right-on PC and desperate for brownie points.

BBC Question Time

This is a hot topic on ARRSE, but besides the permanently annoying and bloodboiling Question Time with some of the most irritating 'celebrities' and nutters in the world: the corporation otherwise employs enough self-satisfied, irritating and condescending smartarses to make the teeth itch. However, the same is often true of other broadcasting corporations, and mongs are everywhere.

Interference and Regulation

Redolent of Stalin famously redrawing maps and rewriting history through propaganda: the BBC blatantly and consistently takes the piss out of history in an arrogantly self-entitled mission to mess with historical records, people and events (ARRSE: BBC rewrites history). This propaganda is really meant to appease its critics and the perpetually moaning woke issue activists, yet the BBC pisses off half its audience and winds up people on ARRSE.

  • It must be said that the regulator Ofcom, factional opinion and activism, politicians and the UK Government as well as numerous pressure groups and minorities infiltrating its corridors, are integral to the BBC's excessive political correctness, diversity and progressivism.
  • Civic society, Common Purpose and Whitehall typically stand back while the BBC gets the flack for other people's fcukwittery and cultural vandalism.
  • There are a number of enforceable conditions in the BBC’s Operating Licence which it must not or cannot ignore. Regulators and interferences will continue to please or piss off the BBC audience, affect BBC output, and strangle the corporation until targets are hit and people stop whingeing.

Arguments Against 'BBC Bias'

  • While the broadcaster ITV is most likely to be seen as politically neutral followed by Channel 4 & the BBC: research suggests that large numbers of the general public "don't know" or don't understand whether there is a ‘political’ dimension to BBC content. They "don't know" if the BBC is biased or not (BMG, 2018).
  • "The BBC is not left-wing biased - because the Tories won the election", said news chief James Harding, comically. 'In the light of the Conservative victory, what’s the argument?' (Telegraph, 02 June 2015).
  • The former editor of The Times newspaper called criticism of the BBC “unfair and unfounded” and dismissed the “fabled left-wing bias” within the BBC (which can't be left-wing because the Tories won the election). People would pay a fortune for this comedy, but hang on...they already do.

Dumbing Down, Fake History and Intellectual Dishonesty

"Ignorance of history is being aired on a dumbed-down BBC". Employing the likes of Danny feckin Dyer at a time when most stations believe that morons, failed comedians and diversity hipsters should be over-night experts in cooking and history: the BBC does itself no favours with its fee paying victims nor with any ethical academic still holding any old-fashioned integrity (meaning PhD or Professors of History - not BBC professors of bollocks).

The BBC is the Go-To source for false history and fake news displayed and reported in Britain's museums, in state institutions and on TV screens. "Ignorance of history is being aired on a dumbed-down BBC"; fortunately, ethical ARRSErs know their history. Queen Anne though born in England, had Scottish blood through her father, directly descended from James VI and I, and all the Royal Stuart dynasty in Scotland dating back to 1371. Our present queen shares this ancestry.

Try telling the BBC and its camp followers that Anne was both Queen of Scotland and Queen of England, as the Union of Crowns had taken place nearly 100 years previously.

Rewriting history with no regard for accuracy: unfortunately it is true that the BBC is airbrushing history and deliberately distorting it in order to push an increasingly invasive diversity and venal agenda. In brief the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

Overstaffing and Waste

In the past the BBC has been criticised for "heavy overstaffing" and “layers of jobs’ worths" (Lord Sugar). "Senior BBC news managers were spending tens of thousands on taxis, hotels and luxury trips" and allegedly, bookings were not used and refunds were not secured. "Only half the licence fee went on programmes". (Independent, 2014). It's worth asking just how the BBC spends its £4 billion income from licence fees, while it's still wasting public money on tens of millions of collection letters.

The BBC Trust - the governing body between 2007 and 2017 - was independent of BBC management and external bodies. Its stated aim was to make decisions in the best interests of licence-fee payers. Nowadays the BBC is run by an executive committee. Governance of the BBC was transferred to the new BBC Board in April 2017, with Ofcom assuming regulatory duties. However, in 2018, TV Licencing claimed that "28.6 million [threatening] letters represented value for money". And the same year, The Express claimed that "the BBC spends £200,000 on UNUSED taxi, train and hotel booking".

Not quite in Neutral

The BBC was extremely surprised (the only people who were) and took it quite hard when they were told they are a biased, liberal bunch of pinkos. Read the story here. Of course they did F all about it and if anything the Beeb is even more in the pocket of the leftie liberals now than then and so further out of step with the Brit in the street.

Increasingly embarrassing for a supposed quality news source is the promotion of Hamas as something other than terrorists. During recent rocketing of Israel which preceded a major retaliatory raid you would, if you listened only to the beeb, believe that Israel had kicked off for no reason.

Giving air time to Muslim groups who scream Nazis to everything and everybody who doesn't worship Allah simply made them look like they are pandering to militants... THEN they did a complete and unexpected U turn and refused to broadcast a tear jerking demand for money from a collection of charidees intent on paying for Hamas' next generation of rockets.

As it all goes tits up with its reputation, the BBC is desperate for scoops to show it is still number one. Since the Hutton report, sucking up to Labour and promoting Common Purpose mantra have become standard practice. Ministerial interviews are now party political broadcasts.

BBC Radio

Agreeable to some and not so agreeable for many, some enjoy the offerings from BBC Radio's flagship stations while BBC regional radio is inarguably pants. Pay and equality rows, BBC controllers, general diversity meddling and PC interference in 2018, have all brought about a number of changes, not for the better. Arguably, BBC Radio in 2019 and the corporation to date, is a clusterfuck of tokenism.

  • Chris Evans finally fell off the top and fcuked off from Radio 2 to Virgin Radio where he's still doing the same Breakfast show.
  • Disastrous fat-controller meddling with the revered Radio 2 Drivetime show, caused a right old mess, and now we're stuck with Sara Cox, still doing her same mumsie show, still wittering and mumbling down the airwaves.
  • We no longer have to suffer that annoying and inane ginger twat and his crew making stupid noises early in the mornings.
  • Instead of stupid noises there is now the fragrant Zoe Ball; slightly better perhaps.
  • The embarrassing Pop Master segment and old Ken playing new releases from his shite playlist, are still limping on.
  • 'Whiney Vine', still droning on in his own nasal over-acting way while screeching harridans and sobbing losers torture us five days a week.
  • Steve Wright is still doing the same afternoon shows he did thirty-five years ago, plus he's on Sunday mornings to rub the salt in.
  • BBC Radio 3 is still dog toffee and BBC Radio 4 still makes you want to smash the set, so no change except they've ruined all the comedy.
  • BBC Radio "extra" digital channels still pump out political correctness, dull music and dull diversity drivel.
  • The days of entertaining BBC radio on Saturdays are long gone though we may yet keep Johnnie Walker on Sundays; fingers crossed.

BBC Websites

The BBC decided that it must change its websitse from easily-readable and sensibly-organised into myspace lookalike pages. Unfortunately their beta website seemed to be designed by Apple in association with a gay pride parade but more recently the BBC's websites are much improved.

The latest BBC online content includes some interesting features:

  • A tablet tabloid format suitable for twelve-year-olds.
  • Special snowflake and feminist editorials.
  • Only recently stopped whingeing about 'refugees' and dropped its Brexit bias.
  • Full coverage of international news, and Trump, on the (British) BBC front pages.
  • Customisable layout that will take five minutes setting up every time you clean your cookies so you don't get London's news and weather again.

This is all rather impressive if you're a Kensington socialist with an i-phone or i-Pad, and you quaff champagne and tofu or even include your Aga as a family member on census forms. The rest of us can safely switch the BBC off entirely, well, perhaps not entirely while those menacing red BBC letters keep coming and coming, and coming.


Refer to the Executive Summary, but those who never use BBC services nor watch live broadcasts can safely ignore the bumbling old hag of broadcasting. The BBC does not convincingly justify the universal flat-rate licence tax in an age where broadcasting and entertainment - freedom of choice and democratic funding - have moved to websites, to social media and to subscription.

If the BBC is not - in reality - liberal-biased nor Left Wing, then its employees across the corporation including its journalists apparently are. Several of them on screen and radio are undeniably left-wing or at least culturally liberal-biased. Moreover, the BBC and the TV Licencing continue to enforce unfair and undemocratic tax and duties on the public, in order to fund their nefarious activities.

The BBC appears inherently ageist, and writers have summed it all up rather well: "as the most famous media brand in the world, the BBC is growing bigger and more powerful every year. Its reputation depends on honest and accurate journalism".


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