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Contributor to Arrsepedia. Authors range from:

  • The one-off contributor.
  • The habitual, addicted, frustrated sub-editor.
  • The glory hunting mong who simply wants to rack up enough entries to be awarded the coveted 'Top Contributor' tag [Where's mine?].
  • The schizophrenic sock puppet who thinks he's clever by having multiple IDs.
  • The all knowing 'expert' with research skills deficit who obviously gleans his (or her) knowledge off the net, cuts & pastes but is still stupid enough to leave glaring mistakes.
  • The link monster who creates links for virtually every word of text - thus running pointless wanted pages in to the millions and making entries virtually unreadable without sunglasses.
  • The one-liner. Was it really worth the effort of registering? Not to be confused with the one-off contributor. See glory-hunting mong..

Arrsepedians come in many sizes of anorak, ranging from tiny to the size of an SAS bergen. They can be intellectual but might not have many friends. The majority of posters are sarcastic, cynical, opinionated, pedantic, depraved (although that's mostly MDN) and just a little bit insane.

For the Roles of Honour look here: