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A large South American country that came second in the Falklands War, 'down south' in '82. The country - in common with most other nations of that area - is populated by people with a strong hot-headed, revolutionary streak.

Whilst life in the cities is largely cosmopolitan and surprisingly stylish, there is still an undercurrent of chaos, with una revolución virtually imminent every time the beer and fags go up - a social trait sadly lacking in Blighty.

The inhabitants have the tendency to stare at you but this is considered normal amongst argie personal interaction and culture. They also distribute and get rat arsed on Cerveza Quilmes, but this is distilled from thier piss when they wet themselves over the Malvinas.

They do know how to do a good steak though. But their armed forces tend to be like their national football team: posturing, flashy cheats who'll try to kick you in the bollocks when the ref's not looking.

Thy shall not impose the "Maradona mantle" on all of us! -DownSouth-

They complain that their (largely conscript) army was beaten unfairly (?) by a professional British outfit, who in fairness, did administer a proper shoeing. However, the Argie air force was pretty nails in pressing home their attacks on the RN ships - but still got a humping due to sloppy tactics.

The Argie Navy lost its second-hand pearl harbour surviving cruiser, the General Belgrano (Nice one Maggie) and one of its submarines (the Santa Fe) and the surface fleet took a huff for the rest of the war.

Naval aviation and Marines however, were a different breed, notably the Buzo Tactico, accounting for some successes or at least decent efforts. A little known fact is that Argie naval aviation (8 A-4 Skyhawks and 4 Super Etendards) was indeed much more effective than the air force (over 100 Skyhawks, Mirage, Nesher/Daggers, Pucaras) with only 10% of their strength.

Crab-hating is, indeed, a world wide sport hehehe -DownSouth-

Their Marines held decently at Mount Tumbledown and Wireless Ridge against the Scots Guards, retreating in order once thay had exhausted their ammo.

Sadly, the country is currently producing a generation of feeble-minded adolescents - and adults as well - who think they pretty much won the Falklands war by virtue of government (and mostly air force face-saving) propaganda. These morons claim they slaughtered the entire RAF, RN and a cannon fodder Gurkha regiment and that they still have a right to the islands. Guess their economy/self image is in the toilet... again! They are totally beneath contempt.

The Argentinean Government was still making noises about the Falklands in the run up to 2007 elections. Some people never learn.

Indeed they do not. -DownSouth- (an objective "Argie")