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Look in the ARRSEpedia for Dullards and Anya1982 is what you'd find.

An illiterate GWAR that thinks posting in Txt Spk is witty. Is so pigging that even MDN won't even rim her. Typical inbred civilian coming on ARRSE looking for a husband to supplement her dole. Has the intellect of an Armadillo mashed into roadkill on a Texan backroad. Innit.

Darth_Doctrinus: Actually, MDN's comments notwithstanding, I thought her photos looked pretty good, and I'd give her one. Would love to see here mmlaarring on my hampton!

Yes she'd definitely get it, but is so easy to wind up!

StabTiffy: Anya is a top bird. Although she began by talking bollocks, she had the balls to put her real name and pics on this Website. She endured much abuse from people, yet has added to many a good thread since. Not to mention she's fit as and I'd give her one any day of the week.

PoisonDwarf: I agree, she is clearly really easy to wind up, but at least had the bottle to publish the hyperlinks to her own web profiles etc so we can (and rightly so) give her chunky anti-gwar abuse. Decent cans though, as evidenced by her Yahoo page (the photo didn't work on its own)

For further insight, click here

Why no posting name? It's an anonymous website so why do you not show the courage/forethought to post this with your pseudonym.

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