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ARRSE User amazing_lobster

Supposedly a Doctor of Philosophy

Aliases: 'Loony Lobster', and 'Waffling Twat'. A tiresome crustacean with a supposed Doctorate and other stuff. Usually to be found in the political threads, flinging shit and ad-hominems with the ARRSE Crazy Gang.

Points to note:

  • Doctor, then a scientist, a researcher, an academic, the list goes on...the deluded belter never changes.
  • Claims to be a lecturer too, and an MMA fighter, all while scribbling on ARRSE.
  • Another alcoholic adolescent who's been arguing for years in the political threads.
  • A sort of mad professor claiming to have a PhD, in... nobody has found out.
  • An obnoxious, "petty and vindictive" cunt that's obviously on medication.
  • Finished third in the 2019 SPOTY competition, gaining 33% of the votes.
Rare photo of our Crazy Crayfish


Of course, deadly MMA fighters, when they're not lecturing, researching or doing important scientific work, are usually flinging shit and scribbling on ARRSE. A_L could be gen though, ARRSE has seen a few loony academics and just can't keep up with their 'brilliance'. But third place for Site Penis of the Year 2019 says much more about our wacky crustacean.

In one ARRSER's estimation: "Dr, Doctor, Dr of the MMA & Bar, in addition to heavy glass ashtrays": this User is "highly skilled in Skip diving, sofa surfing, comment editing, also in comment deleting and telling the odd whopper or two" (copyright User Portree Kid).


A deadly, high-achieving, academic and political genius? Bollocks.