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Widely known to have the smallest genepool outside of the Falkland Islands.

Historically the Home of the British Army.

Inhabited by thousands of squaddies with very low moral standards who will 'bone' anything that moves. Moodybitch lives here.

referred to by those in the surrounding towns & villages (& probably many others) as Alder-Shite or Aldertraz.

The place is now in the top five 'Shite places in the UK' I believe this to be due the demise of the Army in the town the resurgence of the Chav and major drugs user coming from under their stones and not having the soldiery to keep them in their place.

Has a worse shopping centre than Banja Luka and is only slightly better than Sipovo as it has a Wilkinsons.

Pubs like the George have changed into the Goose and the Globtrotter seems to have been redeveloped as has "5"'s. Has the worse night club in the Northern hemisphere in Cheeks.

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