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Arrse user aidanwhite a.k.a. 'aidancom' 'kadlistan' (hoofed on sight): Loon.

Broadcasting on permasend from a rat-infested American trailer park, our rabid IRA fanboy Aidanwhite is harder to get rid of than Rasputin. This trolling republican Toilet graced ARRSE with its presence again in late 2017, and promptly broke ARRSE Sin Bin records by going straight on ROPs. Either a broken-brained frothing Irish nationalist or a simple minded spunk trumpet schoolboy, the rabid creature's still telling lies and sobbing about Op Banner in the Military History and Militaria forum. But as he says: he's definitely "not an IRA supporter".

User aidanwhite tends to scribble Irish nationalist dribble about "ridiculous military glorification and imperialist myths" while he tells big fab fibs. He's so bone and boring that even ARRSE's own Pants O'Flame Bugsy himself has disowned the bogtrotting belmer. Says it all really. However, annoying ARRSE has led in the past to tormentors getting compromised and exposed; it's really not recommended.

ARRSE uses Aidan the rabid moonhowling Irish loon for idle amusement, until the account gets banned again and comes back like a dose of Hong Kong Clap. Unfortunately, Aidan's not even amusing or intelligent. His grasp of reality, literacy, and military history particularly Op Banner, are obviously shit. He also hates Brits, admires the IRA, and rants in bad English with a thick boggie accent. But he's definitely "not an IRA supporter". Fortunately though, Aidan is as thick and stupid as Baglock, so there's endless sport and amusement for seasoned Arrsers and Mods playing Whack a Mole.

Verdict: Oxygen Thief and Class 1 CUNT.