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The software offers many ways to format what you've written so you don't have to learn how to use HTML.  This section will try and describe some of the most basic ones to get you going.  This ''formatting'' is known as Wiki markup, .
The software offers many ways to format what you've written so you don't have to learn how to use HTML.  This section will try and describe some of the most basic ones to get you going.  This ''formatting'' is known as Wiki markup, .

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The software offers many ways to format what you've written so you don't have to learn how to use HTML. This section will try and describe some of the most basic ones to get you going. This formatting is known as Wiki markup, .

Wiki markup

Writing on here is a bit different from writing using a progam such as Microsoft Word. Instead of a strict "what you see is what you get" approach simple text codes are used for formatting. Whilst you can use HTML code if you want, it is much easier to use the built in formatting as this is designed for ease of editing.


In order to make pages easier to read it is very helpful to use Headings. These break the page up and also allow the software to automatically generate Table of Contents. This page is a good example of this. The table of contents can be seen near the top of the page. To see how the headings are created click on the edit tab at the top of this page.


Often you need to produce lists of items and the software offers a method of doing this via Bullet Points similar to those you would find in Microsoft Word or any other word processing package. There are two main types of list:

  • Bulleted (like this one)
  • Numbered


It is possible to add emphasis to text. Sometimes this is done automatically, for example, the use of headings and bullets. It is also possible to place text in italics or bold very easily.


Normally links appear with the name of the page to which they are linked. It is possible to change this using Aliases.

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