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AIM-54 Phoenix

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AIM-54 Phoenix
Function Long Range Air-to-Air missile
Manufacturer Hughes Aircraft Co.
Unit cost $477000
Entered service 1974
Retired 2004
Engine Solid Rocket Motor
Speed Mach 5
Range In excess of 100 miles.
Warhead 135lb High Explosive

The AIM-54 Phoenix is a radar-guided, long-range air-to-air missile, carried in clusters of up to six missiles — formerly on the U.S. Navy's and on the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force's F-14 Tomcat interceptors/multi-role fighters. The USA has retired its AIM-54's with the Tomcat and it is believed that Iran no longer has any functional Phoenix's left.

The Tomcat is the only aircraft capable of carrying the AIM-54.

  • Was capable of operating at altitudes of 100,000ft.
  • Given its phenomenal range, the AT&T motto reach out and touch somebody was the nickname given to launching a Phoenix at long range.