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7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery

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Based at Kirkee Barracks, Colchester, 7 (Para) RHA has been associated with Airborne Forces for nearly 43 years since its formation in 1962 as a direct descendant from the 33rd Parachute Light Regiment Royal Artillery. Serving in 16 Independent Parachute Brigade, 5 Airborne Brigade and now 16 Air Assault Brigade, the Regiment has always been proud of its links with Airborne Forces – despite an eight year spell in Osnabruck, Germany from 1977 to 1984.

With the realisation of the need for an integrated and self-contained Gunner Regiment capable of providing both close support artillery and point air defence, 7 RHA returned to North Camp and an air defence troop (P troop), equipped with the Javelin AD missile system, was incorporated into the regimental organisation. In 1988 the Regiment was re-titled the 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery. In 1997 P Troop moved to Thorney Island, near Portsmouth, where it joined 47 Regt RA as a cost cutting exercise.

The history of ‘7’ is one, which may be mistakenly considered as relatively young. The Airborne link suggests an origin in 1940, however it is through the individual batteries that a full and proud history of over 200 years can be traced.

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