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522 Specialist Team Royal Engineers

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Trying to get this one going:

522 Specialist Team Royal Engineers (Works) was based in Willich from 197? to 1992, near the German/Dutch border in the middle of a triangle formed by Moenchengladbach, Düsseldorf and Krefeld. It formed part of 40 Army Engineer Support Group - a motley crew consisting of HQ, 21 Engr Base Workshop, 62 Corps Support Workshop (REME), 303 Engr Park, 306 Plant Park, Inspectorate of Engineer Resources(IER), plus +?

522 STRE's role was primarily construction design and management expertise to the BAOR. Its team of Qualified Engineers, Garrison Engineers, Clerk of Works, Draughtsmen, Surveyors, Resources and MT worked closely with the Mobile Civilian Artisan Groups (MCAGs)whose tradesmen consisted largely of Polish and German nationals. There were also MCPGs (Plant Groups). In 1992, 522 STRE came under administrative control of 28 Engineer Regiment, after its reformation under Options for Change, and moved to Hameln. 522 STRE remained in Bindon Bks with 28ER until the Regiment reformed again and moved to Gordon Bks, also in Hameln in 1998.

In 200?, 522 STRE (Wks) was absorbed into the Military Works Force in Chilwell, Nottingham as part of 6? CRE.