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4th Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment (4 LANCS)

The 4th Battalion (4 LANCS) is the Territorial Army Infantry unit in the North West of England. 4 LANCS is based in four company locations and four detachment locations, totalling over 500 men and women. The Battalion supports the Regular Army, both at home and abroad.

In March 2007, the 3rd Battalion was disbanded, with its personnel dispersed to the 1st and 2nd Battalions, leaving the final roll of two regular battalions and one TA battalion. The 4th Battalion (Volunteers) was completed in late 2006 by adding the two King's Regiment companies from the King's Cheshire Regiment to the battalion which had been initially formed from the Lancastrian and Cumbrian Volunteers.

In 2009, the battalion provided a significant part of a United Nations Force (UNFICYP) in Nicosia, Cyprus, helping to lower tension between the Turkish controlled northern part of the island and the Republic of Cyprus. Now in 2010, the battalion is deploying troops on operations to Afghanistan.

The Battalion is based at the following locations:

RHQ and HQ Company - Preston.

A(Ladysmith) Company - Liverpool.

B(Somme) Company - Blackburn and Blackpool.

C Company - Workington, Barrow-in-Furness, Carlisle and Lancaster.

D (Inkerman) Company - Manchester and Bury.

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