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47 (Middlesex Yeomanry) Signal Squadron

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At one time the Middlesex Yeomanry was THE regiment for the smart man about town, part time obviously. They lay claim to 2 of the 3 VCs gained by Yeomanry units and post WW1 when all the other Yeomanry units went armoured car or gunner they were the only unit to convert to a signals role, BEFORE the Royal Corps of Signals was formed, indeed before the plain old Corps of Signals formed.

Unique in the British Army in that all NCOs wear a crown above their stripes, a throwback to the days when they would escort the 'Widow at Windsor'. To distinguish Sgts (three stripes AND a crown remember) from SSgts, the Staffies get to wear FOUR stripes and a crown.

Oh and their stable belt is red, 'old' gold and green, making them possibly the only unit in the world with a Rastafarian theme .