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45 Field Support Squadron RE

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You'll find lots of former members of this squadron on

Short Squadron History - by former Chief Clerk Nige Highfield:

Oct 1899 Formed as a Fortress Coy in UK.

Nov 1899 Redesignated a Steam Road Transport Coy and to South Africa/Boer War.

Oct 1902 Based in Chatham, UK.

Dec 1902 Disbanded.

Dec 1902 Formed as a Fortress Coy in Gibraltar.

Redesignated a Fortress Coy (Electric Light) Dec 1924 Disbanded at Gibraltar

May 1925 Formed as a Fortress Coy in Portsmouth with det on Isle of Wight.

Sep 1932 Based in Gosport, UK.

Oct 1932 Absorbed into 4 Fortress Coy.

Sep 1938 Formed as a Fortress Coy at Gosport and moved to Palestine.

1939 Based in Egypt.

Dec 1942 Disbanded.

Mar 1948 Formed as a Fd Pk Sqn in BAOR by re-titling to 145 Fd Pk Coy.

Jul 1949 Formed as a Fd Pk Sqn in 21 Engr Regt at Holzminden, Germany.

Oct 1949 Moved to Hameln with 21 Engr Regt.

Nov 1951 Moved to Nienburg with 21 Engr Regt.

1954 Becomes an Indep unit but remains under command 21 Engr Regt.

Jan 1958 21 Engr Regt disbanded, Sqn remains at Nienburg under HQRE 7 Armd Div which becomes 5 Div.

Jul 1960 5 Div becomes 1 Armd Div.

Jan 1968 Re-titled to 45 Fd Sp Sqn.

Apr 1969 21 Engr Regt formed at Nienburg, and Sqn comes under command.

Apr 1978 1 Armd Div Engr Regt formed from 21 Engr Regt and Sqn becomes part of new Regt and remains in Nienburg.

Apr-Jul 1979 Sqn deploys to N.Ireland (HMP Maze) in the Infantry role.

1980 Volturno Camp (45 Sqn’s home) flooded by River Weser. Sqn moves to Liebenau.

Jan 1981 1 Armd Div Engr Regt re-titled to 21 Engr Regt.

Oct 90-May91 Sqn deploys with 21 Engr Regt to 1st Gulf War (Operation Granby).

1996 Sqn moves to Osnabruck with 21 Engr Regt.

2008 Sqn moves to Hameln as part of 28 Engr Regt.