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39 (Skinners) Signal Regiment (V)

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Current ORBAT

  • 56 Signal Squadron

The regiment has existed in its current form since 1995 when like most TA Signals Regiments it got stirred round a bit. This involved relocating its RHQ from London to Bristol and when the music stopped it had a brand new set of squadrons.

With squadron titles like that lot there's tons of good history from the predecessor units - including plenty of battle honours, the first Territorial killed in WW1, a VC winner and a Yeomanry history to rival that of another well known TA Signal Regiment. However I'll let someone who knows more about it than me add the details. If they don't then maybe I'll come back to do it later.

The Regt until mid 2005 was equipped with the glorious communication systems known as NCRS however the gods were kind and like the remainder of 2 Signal Brigade the Regt was rerolled with a motley collection of comms systems designed to support UK Ops.

In April 2009, the Report on the Strategic Review of the Reserves saw the whole of the TA R Signals change, with many Regts being disbanded. Fortunately 39 Sig Regt managed to survive with only minor wounds (loosing 5 (Queens Own Oxfordshire Hussars) Signal Squadron and gaining 56 Signal Squadron at Eastbourne.

All this being said a good unit to join, if you want some weekends away and wish to learn new things.