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335 Medical Evacuation Regiment

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335 Med Evac Regt is a Nationally Recruited Unit (NRU) of the reserve Army Medical Services (AMS). It was formed on 1 Apr 2005 from the Ambulance Train Group (Volunteers).

The mission of the regiment is to provide specialist medical personnel in the forward and tactical medical evacuation role.

The regiment is staffed by professionally qualified Medical Officers, Nurses and Paramedics who are supported by Medical Support Officers, Combat Medical Technicians and AGS (SPS) clerks and RLC driver / radio operators.

The Regiment is part of Central Reserve Headquarters AMS located with HQ 2nd Medical Brigade in Queen Barracks, Strensall, near York. Training takes place all over the country and on overseas Exercises.

As a NRU members have a minimum commitment of 19 days a year. This is usually carried out in 2 week unit Annual Continuous Training camp and 2 Non Continuous Training Weekends. In addition to these periods of collective training the Regiment holds specialist clinical training events, Officers, Seniors and Juniors weekends and Battlefield Studies (BFS) and individuals can attend a variety of military and medical courses, exercises with other units and adventurous training.

Since the regiments formation individuals have deployed on Ops to former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cyprus and Sierra Leone. The regiment has trained in the UK, Germany and Gibraltar conducted BFS in France, Germany, Malta and are due to go to Cyprus in Dec 2015. Individuals have trained US, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Norway, the Republic of Ireland, Kyrgyzstan and probably more beside.


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