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275 Railway Squadron RLC(V)

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275 Railway Squadron pre 1999 was a stand alone Squadron. Known collectively amongst the other RLC Regiments as the Railway Children. This Sub Unit recruits exclusively from the rail industry. The unit primarily operates out Bicester where there is 40 miles of MOD owned railway on which to operate on. Every solider in the unit is an A tradesman and each is able to carry out loco driving, signal operations, shunting and permanent way work. The units regular sister unit is 79 Railway Squadron and can sometimes be found track bashing with its RE cousin 517 STRE .

275 Railway Squadrons now defunct insignia is a cross section of flat bottom rail in a blue diamond, this dates back to units involvement with the Longmoor Military Railway.

It is noted that there are only three types of soldier to be found within the Squadron, they being the alcoholic, the womaniser and the alcoholic womaniser.

Things not to say to its soldiers are:

  • You must be the fat controller (Normally said to the WO1 Tech or SSM).
  • Do you go train spotting when not here at the weekend?.
  • I didn’t know the Army had trains.

This unit provided soldiers for OP Telic.