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254 Signal Squadron

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Specialist Group Information Services (SGIS) also formally known as 254 Signal Squadron, is a British Army Reserve unit which recruits from across the United Kingdom delivering task-based, deep, specialist CIS advice.

What they do

254 (Specialist Group Information Services) Signal Squadron provides consultancy-style expertise in relation to both Information Management and Information Exploitation in support of the Army and UK Defense. Members of the squadron use the skills they bring with them to support and provide new ICS infrastructure and support existing. No technical training is given. Recruits must be technically competent to join.

As a Defence asset, the squadron helps its clients operate IT more effectively, efficiently and securely and adds value through its unique composition of experienced mainstream Reservists, former full-career Regular officers and soldiers and Specialist Reserve Officers recruited for their considerable IT knowledge and experience. In essence it’s a specialist capability primed to provide ‘qualitative reinforcement’ to the Army and promote industry ‘best practice’ in the cyber environment.


The squadron recruits from the following:

  • Professionally Qualified Officers (PQOs)- Recruited from industry for their specialist knowledge.
  • Mainstream officers - Both serving Army Reserve and ex-regular
  • Warrant Officers - Typically Foreman or Yeoman or similar technical skills, reserve or ex-regular.
  • NCOs - LCpl - SSgt from a military or civillian technical background. Ex regular or reserve.

All recruits must sit a unit selection board.



HQ British Forces Arabian Peninsula (Independent) based in Aden.


Renamed to 254 Signal Squadron(Aden).


Disbanded in and duties were taken on by 15 Signal Regiment.


The first re-formation of 254 Signal Squadron (UNFICYP)


Central Volunteer Headquarters (CVHQ) Royal Signals formed. As well as including LIAG, it was identified that many non-security IT specialists also wanted to serve. Eventually the Land Information Communications Systems Group (LICSG) was formed within Specialist Group Royal Signals (SGRS).


LICSG was renamed to 254 (Specialist Group Information Services) Signal Squadron on the 01 May 2014 under the hybrid 15th Signal Regiment (Information Support).


As of 2020 SGIS is part of the 13th Signal regiment part of 1st Signal Brigade.