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24 Airmobile Brigade

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One of the forerunners of 16 Air Assault Brigade, alongside 5 Airborne Brigade.

What joy it was, in those far off days, to be an Airmobile sky God. Admired by all men, loved by all women and with a top notch Bde flash to boot.

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24 Brigade was first formed on 12 November 1914 as part of 8th Division. The Brigade saw action at Neuve Chapelle, Aubers Ridge, Ypres and the Somme. It gained two VCs before demobilisation on 20 March 1919. The Brigade was reformed on 13 February 1940 with the title of 24th Guards Brigade for the Norwegian Campaign.

Later retitled 24th Guards Independent Brigade Group, the Brigade fought with distinction in North Africa and Italy. In 1947 it was renamed 24th Infantry Brigade. The Brigade returned to England in 1955 and has served throughout the world in a number of different roles.

24th Infantry Brigade

  • 1958-64 Kenya - Internal security, operations in Kuwait(1961), Zanzibar and Swaziland
  • 1964-67 Aden - Internal security including operations in the Radfan

24th AirPortable Brigade

  • 1967-71 Plymouth - Part of the United Kingdom Strategic Reserve with a specialist amphibious role.
  • 1973-76 - Topcliffe

5 Field Force

24th Infantry Brigade

  • 1983-88 Catterick - Returned to the North of England with 2nd Infantry Division and assumed original title.

24 Airmobile Brigade

  • 1993-99 - Colchester. Assigned to Multi National Division Central (Airmobile)

1999 - Joined with 5 Airborne Brigade to create 16 Air Assault Brigade.


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