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22 Signal Regiment

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22 Signal Regiment was one of the three Signal Regiments that supported 1 (BR) Corps. 7th Signal Regiment was the 'Corps Forward' regiment, 22 Signal Regiment was the 'Corps Rear' regiment and 14th Signal Regiment was the Corps EW regiment. Its role was to supply the corps with trunk communications and a rear link back to the rear combat zone by providing mobile comcens and comheads.

22 Signal Regiment was for many years based in Churchill Barracks in the small German town of Lippstadt, between Gutersloh and Soest, which provided a lively and friendly social life that was second to none. It is rare to find someone who was posted to Lippstadt who didn't leave with only good memories.

Due to be reformed circa April 2006 at the former RAF Stafford as a new Falcon comms Regiment.