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220 Ambulance Squadron RLC(V)

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152 Ulster Transport Regiment RLC(v) 220 Squadron

The Regiment is Based primarily at Palace Barracks, in Holywood Northern Ireland. We, as the leading squadron, are based with HQ in Holywood TAC (an integral part of Palace Barracks). We have been a strong part of the Regiment from it's formation and were primarily made up from 931 RASC Heavy Troop in 1967. We have had members of the squadron on Op tours for the last 20 years or so and currently involved in a drive for Afghanistan and Iraq in the near future. We have had somewhere in the region of 60% of our members mobilised and number increases monthly.

At our formation we were an Ambulance troop, but have in the not to distant past have re-roled as a Drops Squadron, this has been the main reason for our heavy deployment numbers. This coupled with the professional manner in which our soldiers carry themselves and their tasks, mean that we are held in high esteem with any regular units that we work with. This results in requests for additional personnel from our squadron to be deployed along with their regular counterparts.