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206 (Ulster) Battery

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General 206 (Ulster) Battery, Royal Artillery (Volunteers) - "The Ulster Gunners", is part of 105th Regiment, Royal Artillery (Volunteers). It is a TA Artillery Subunit based in Northern Ireland and is split between two locations, Newtownards and Coleraine.

History The Battery was formed in 1993 after Options For Change and the disbandment of 102 (Ulster) Regiment, Royal Artillery (Volunteers). The two old batteries of 206 (Coleraine) Battery and 215 (North Down) Battery were amalgamated to form 206 (Ulster) Battery. The new Battery was absorbed into 105 Regiment to make the "Ulster and Scottish Gunners" along with 207 (City of Glasgow), 212 (Highland) and 218 (City of Edinburgh) Headquarters Batteries.

Insignia Members of the Battery wear the Ulster Gunners' badge on their left sleeve. The badge, or 'flash', can be traced back to the 3rd (Ulster) Anti-Aircraft Brigade which was formed in Northern Ireland in 1939. The "Ulster Gunner Brigade" consisted of 3rd (Ulster) Searchlight Regiment, R.A., the 8th (Belfast) Anti-Aircraft Regiment, R.A., the 9th (Londonderry) Anti-Aircraft Regiment, R.A. and 102nd Anti-Aircraft Regiment, R.A (Territorial Army).

Role 206 (Ulster) Battery are currently in a transitional year, in preparation for conversion from an Air Defence battery, to a Field Gunnery battery. This is due to the changes in the type of warfare that the UK armed forces currently face, and will face in the future. The UK armed forces must adapt to meet the uncertain challenges that the future holds, and as part of this, the UK government has recommended changes in the organisation of the Armed Forces. The programme, known as Future Army Structures (FAS), details these recommendations. The Territorial Army, as part of the UK Armed Forces, is as equally affected as it's regular counter-parts. Therefore, 105 Regiment as a whole are making preparations for re-roling as a Field Gun Regiment with the L118 105mm Lt Gun.

Awards The Battery has won the Thales' Shield (formerly the BP Trophy) for the Best Air Defense Battery in the TA in 2001,2002,2003 and in 2005, a feat unmatched in the Territorial Army. This year, the battery also won the prestigious Queen's Cup for being the overall Best Battery in the TA. A reflection of the hard-work and commitment of the members of the battery.