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'44 pattern

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Webbing designed for use in the Far East. This was the first attempt at a load carrying system that didn't have to double up as barrack wear and was not meant - or designed to be - blancoed or bulled up. The '44 pattern kit is best known for its rife strap and most notably water bottle pouches with 'Lift The Dot' Snaps, which were THE must have accessory for your 'tailored' '58 belt kit in the 1980s. The only trouble was finding them, as THEY had invariably had the lot!


'44 pattern webbing was still being issued in Belize as late as 1990, supposedly because it absorbed less water than '58 pattern. Whilst the water bottle pouches were, and still are, the dog's bollocks, the rest of it was absolute shite. The belt, for example, was in three sections and if you had more than a moderate amount of weight on it, it fell to pieces. Brilliant!