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Welcome to the ARRSEPedia
18:05 Z Wednesday 23 April 2014
The ARRSEPedia is a Wiki, just like wikipedia, but for the British Army / ARRSE and not quite 100% serious. The ARRSEPedia is a mass of articles that anyone can create or Edit. The idea is that if everyone contributes a little of his knowledge, opinions, sense of humour and experience then something really impressive... the ARRSEPedia.. is created.

The most important thing is that you or anyone else can contribute immediately with no interference. You can start new pages or edit existing ones. If you'd like to share your knowledge of Rations, feel free. We would all just love to know about Satellites for example. What about your experience of operations or knowledge of Places and Postings? Anything in fact - in short, get writing, although do please have a look at the site policy before posting though. If you really like it, consider downloading the toolbar!

What Now?
Why don't you start by browsing using the Random Article page - try it a few times (link is on the menu to the left), and see what you come up with. To be a bit more organised about it try the Help pages or the Tutorial pages. This should explain a bit more about the ARRSEpedia and get you started with adding your own content.

For help, the best thing to do is ask questions on the ARRSEpedia forum on ARRSE.

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Did you know...
15px-Updated_DYK_querysvg.png ...that there are 7,129 articles on ARRSEPedia, the free military encyclopedia that anyone can edit? New users are always welcome to join the 3,247 members we already have!
15px-Updated_DYK_querysvg.png ...that verbally assaulting other users isn't big or clever, it is in fact very boring! Copying entries from Roger's Profanisaurus isn't really worthwhile and also breaches Copyright, so (again) please don't bother. Try and put pages in a Category when you edit/create them. Have a look at the Wanted pages if you want to start somewhere!
15px-Updated_DYK_querysvg.png ...that before you edit, please bear a couple of points in mind. In order to edit the ARRSEPedia pages you need to create a separate account on here. It would be good if you used the same username as on the Main Site if you have one. Try and link pages to other pages using Links. If you edit a page, please note what you've done and why in the Summary box at the bottom of the page. Fancy trying somewhere it doesn't matter - then use the Sandbox. Finally - all edits on here are extremely easy to undo so don't worry you can't break it.....