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42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic)

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Based at Hermitage, 42 Engineer Regiment is quite possibly the biggest waste of Defence Budget money since the Eurofighter Typhoon. Existing on the notion that the UK armed forces need a regiment of skinny, middle class REMFs to do a 9-12 month course on how to open Google Earth and press print (a skill that demands high band pay), 42 Engineer Regiment have been stealing oxygen as well as taxpayers money for upwards of 200 years.

Justifying their existence to ill-informed MoD croneys by displaying easily blagged "capabilities" such as pretty terrain analysis products and 3D computer models which, it is claimed, are "shown to pilots before missions", 42 have no problems securing their multi-million pound funding. After all it makes use of technology, so it must be what's needed in a modern, forward thinking army, right?

42 Engineer Regiments contributions to the Iraq war have been noteworthy, to say the least. Several tonnes of maps flown in for the task force met a slight mishap when a Troop Commander located their burns pit alongside and set the whole lot aflame. The much applauded IGRS survey task was handed over to the Iraqis who simply questioned the need for accurate surveying when you live in a wide-open fucking desert. Other noteworthy achievements of the Regiment incluse losing a number of rifles and a Bowman radio whilst deployed on a UK exercise, attracting the attention of the national media.

With retention problems that would make a sieve wince, recent attempts to reduce the outflow of personnel have been to cancel sports afternoons and early Friday knockoffs. Bringing in a shit-for-brains RSM from a training regiment is also intended to provide amusement, be it from the insistence of reverse parking your vehicle or from the ridiculous spider webs tattoo'd on his elbows.

The poor men of 42, who find there is no demand for google earth outside of operations, often find their days in barracks filled out with stores checks, litter picking in local woodland, stores checks and covering for sicky-prone MPGS grandads. Easy to see why you need GCSEs to serve with 42.