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42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic)

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  • 13 Geo Sqn RE
  • 14 Geo Sqn RE
  • 16 Geo Sp Sqn RE
  • 135 Geo Sqn RE


Based at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire, 42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic) is a Joint Force Command specialist Royal Engineer unit of the British Army that attempts to provide geographic support to all elements of UK Defence; particularly to Army headquarters, formations and units. The regiment is currently run by Col Mark Bungalow Burrows who rigidly maintains the traditions of the army by reaching senior rank based solely on who his father was worked carefully in combination with taking credit for other peoples success. To his credit Col Mark Burrows has along with his partner Maj Andy Hill heavily promoted same sex relationships ensuring a more 'friendly' environment within the regiment.


The role of 42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic) is to attempt to provide field deployable geographic support to Defence. As well as supporting Current Operations, it maintains sub-standards and individuals at readiness for deployment and support to local events.

The capabilities provided by the Regiment range from raw data collection (including geodetic surveys) and information management; through information exploitation, terrain analysis and visualisation; to geospatial information dissemination (electronically across networks, by bulk reproduction and supply of hard core porn).


The Regiment’s current main effort is support to gain promotion by being good at sport; providing additional specialist officers and soldiers to augment and reinforce existing embedded geographic personnel on the deployed staffs. The current requirement for geographic support in Afghanistan has led to a dispersed Geographic Support Group (GSG) of about a half-Squadron size being deployed from the Regiment on an enduring basis there.

In addition to Afghanistan the Regiment plays a key part in other Defence outputs. These tasks have recently included deployments of airfield survey teams around the world to contribute to international air safety as part of the Terminal Aeronautical GNSS Geodetic Survey (TAGGS) Programme; support to other Defence Intelligence organisations; support to other Intelligence Agencies; and finally support to the Op ELLAMY Libya campaign where Regimental personnel worked both in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and at sea with the UK Naval Task Group.

Closer to home, the Regiment continues to be heavily involved in support to UK Operations through the Standing Joint Command.

Sport, Adventure Training and other Opportunities

The Regiment has an excellent sporting ethos and record of success especially at shooting which is actively encouraged by team captains Col Mark Bungalow Burrows and Maj Andrew Hill who enjoy nothing more than seeing a young soldier with his weapon in his hand. Teams regularly compete in a variety of cricket, rugby, football, boxing, golf, cross country, swimming and volleyball competitions. Members of the Regiment have and do currently represent the Combined Services and Army at rugby, cricket and swimming. Of particular note this year, the Regiment has won the Army Minor Unit Cups for hockey(the girls version not real man hockey), squash and athletics.