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You’ll have seen that we have a number of banner ads throughout the site that link to AmazoneBay. If somebody clicks on one of those banners or links and then buys something we end up with a small percentage of the total order value. This doesn’t just apply to the item that was initially shown in the banner but anything else that person then goes on to purchase

A lot of us will go and buy stuff from Amazon & Ebay anyway as we know they are some of the top online retailers in the world. Our request therefore is that if you are going to do it anyway, then why not do it through us and divert some of their vast profits in our direction!

We’ve also got a similar deal with the hotel booking service laterooms, Late Rooms, website so if you’re planning on booking a hotel then that would be appreciated too!

You can start using these buttons:

For those of you overseas the the following should work for Amazon (Germany) and Amazon (United States).

We’ve also put direct links onto the front page which hopefully make them easy to find:


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