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As an avid hill walker I have an unnatural interest in things like rucksacks, boots and warm hats. Until recently I hadn’t paid much attention to the other items we need to put on our feet, but after having to bin my old walking socks due to extreme ventilation in the heels, I decided I needed to have a look at what to replace them with. Well, even I have been numbed by how many varieties of material that you can put your tootsies into nowadays and the PRICES, my first pair of walking boots didn’t cost what some of these socks do!

It was at this point I got the chance to review some socks from Target Dry, this Belfast based company has been producing waterproof jackets since 1987. Now this review works for me on two levels as it is a home grown business which I will always support if possible and it’s to do with outdoors gear, perfect.

The socks I was sent to review are the HikeMid which are made of a blend of Merino wool, Lycra and polyester with Cocona polyester. According to the blurb, Cocona technology is derived from natural coconut fibres and assists with moisture wicking and odour management. This along with the design of the socks which have extra padding at the shin, heel and toe a ribbed arch support looked promising.

I have worn these socks now on a number of hill days, some much longer than others, and have been very pleased. I can report that the sweat level on my trotters has been seriously reduced; in fact my feet do not have the usual green haze wafting from then when I remove my boots. I have had to replace my boots as well this month, so I was pleased that I came off the hill with no rubbing or hot spots on their inaugural outing.

Comfort-wise I really like these socks they are soft and the quality is very good, I really think that they may go on for some time. The stitching is very strong and done so that there is no raised points to rub your skin. The elastic round the top feels top quality and never seems to slip down and they feel like they never will.

The price of the socks, at £14.99 a pair, is around about the middle of other Merino based walking socks, I was going to go off on a diatribe about how fifteen quid is daylight robbery for a pair of socks, but then thought, if these do last as long as I think they will then actually that’s a bit of a bargain. I have paid eight pounds for a pair of socks before that only lasted a couple of months so maybe it is time to think long term.

All in all I have been very impressed with these socks and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for some socks for walking the hills or any outdoor activity really.

Socks kindly provided by Target Dry.

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