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I’m not going to lie, I have a fetish for all types of outdoor clothing so I jumped at the chance to test this Sprayway jacket. I have had it for nearly a month now and during that time I have worn this jacket on most days for a variety of things, however since we have hd the driest March for ages I had to do the waterproofing test in the confines of my shower!!!

The SPRAYWAY NYX JACKET is designed for trekking and a variety of other outdoor activities which call for a performance waterproof outer garment, this jacket I’m pleased to say fulfils all these rolls. The jacket is made from 2 layer Gore-Tex performance shell, this means that there is an outer shell layer that has a Gore-Tex membrane laminated to the inside as well as a thin inner liner that is not laminated to it – in basic terms it is middle of the range Gore-Tex material.


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The jacket I tested came in black/yellow but it also comes in red, green and blue so there is plenty of choice as far as colour goes although it is cut for use by men only. The jacket I have is large in size and fits me fine although I have to admit it is cut rather short for my liking, this does however make it ideal for wearing with a climbing harness ( I tried this out with a mates harness and it worked fine and still allowed access to the lower pockets ). I wore the jacket in some cold windy weather and it proved to be quite windproof although not totally as I did feel slightly cold when wearing just a t-shirt underneath, but if you use this as part of a layer system it would work fine. To test how waterproof it is I resorted to sitting in the shower wearing it for half hour and apart from getting some strange looks from my son and a lot of sniggering from the wife I have nothing to report as it kept me dry underneath and showed no sign of leaking.

It has 4 pockets in total, 2 lower hand warmer pockets, a chest map pocket and a small internal mesh pocket. The 2 lower pockets are accessed by a zip and have a mesh lining and are a good size to. The downside of these being mesh lined is that I have lost count of the number of times I’ve had to wrestle my car keys out because they have got snagged. The chest map pocket is located beneath the storm flap on the right hand side and is secured by Velcro, in all honesty I found this pocket a bit awkward to use especially one handed. This was for 2 reasons, the first being its placement on the right side which made it a pain to stick stuff in it since I’m right handed and the second was the Velcro that secured it which was quite hard to prise open with one hand. The small inner pocket is located on the left side and as of yet I haven’t used it and I don’t think I will either .

The SPRAYWAY NYX has an ingeniously designed hood that I have never seen on a jacket before, instead of rolling away in to the hood like other jackets do thus creating a bulging collar it folds concertina style and is secured by a Velcro flap and 2 plastic press studs.. This feature makes it stand out from others and works extremely well as it creates a high collar line that covers the whole neck and up into the base of the skull thus keeping it protected from the elements especially wind. This is also aided by the fleece lining that is on the neck and front of the storm cover. With the hood up you can get a very tight seal around the face by using the draw cords which tighten at the front and back( the front drawcord locks are hidden in the jacket which is a nice touch). As mentioned earlier I tested this in the shower face on to the water and with the hood fitted properly only a minimal amount of water leaked in so I can safely say it would work fine in all but the most extreme rain.

Overall this is an excellent jacket and is up there as far as quality goes with all the large brands and is an absolute steal at only £100. It is a stylish jacket that is as much at home walking around the shops as it would be on the side of a mountain; it even got the thumbs up from my resident style advisor who normally hates my choice in outdoor clothing. So if you are on the lookout for a new Gore-Tex jacket look no further than the SPRAYWAY NYX – 9/10.

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