Ministry of Zombies – The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) By Sean T Page

So what would you do if or when the zombies take over the world? Well you could do a lot worse than grab yourself the Ministry of Zombies Official Zombie Handbook (UK) by Sean T Page.

This well researched and presented book will give you a 90 day survival guide should the living dead attempt to take over the United Kingdom. How do you survive, where’s the best place to head to? How will our armed forces react? What’s the best way to combat the living dead? Well these questions and more are answered in an easy to read and understand 188 page guide. Sean Page in his introduction assures us he’s not insane but merely planning ahead for the day when it comes.


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Part one is a Survivors Guide to Zombies this is described as Zombie 101.

Sean tells us in Politically correct Britain we may soon have to refer to the zombie or living dead as “mortally challenged”. We find out that the term Zombie can cover anything from an African Voodoo God to an apathetic person. What are the schools of thinking (supernatural and scientific) and how do they view the living dead?

What are the 4 Zed – Con states and how do they affect you?
Did the Soviets and Afghans join forces to combat a Zed Con 3 outbreak in Afghanistan? Do you know about zombie animals what is the most feared and discussed zombie animal on line? All your zombie questions will be answered in this fascinating section.

Section two takes us to the crux of the book.

How to survive A Zombie Apocalypse in the UK. Is the UK prepared for a Zombie out break? Well in short – No. In response to a question about it one MP responded “Nice films but not covered by Government policy”.

So who are our first line of defence and how will they react? Sean goes into great detail about the Police the Armed Forces and more importantly dear reader you what will you do? This is where you need a 90 day survival plan. The book comes into it’s own here. Forget what you’ve seen in the films, Sean T Page will give you the definitive plan on how to survive a Zombie outbreak in the UK. How to create all round defence, what’s the best food? what about water? Do you have a bug out plan? Thought about your kids how do you keep them entertained? It’s all here for you to follow with comprehensive guides on the best foods to stock up on and the best weapons to use.

How do you travel if you need to move location? It’s not as easy as you might think and needs thinking about.

Finally Sean provides us with a list of further reading, websites and films to enable you to further research the topic if you wish.

In answer to Sean T Page’s question at the start do I think he’s insane? Well I don’t think so but I’ll tell you one thing he knows his stuff about Zombies. I must confess I took a chance on this as I’m not a big zombie film fan but I enjoyed this book. A good read and a welcome addition to the bookshelf – get it read it – keep it handy you just never know when you’ll need it. Get yourself one before they come scratching at the window – Your not getting mine!!

4 Mr Mushrooms from me


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4 / 5 Mushroom Heads     
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6 comments on “Ministry of Zombies – The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) By Sean T Page
  1. seantpage says:

    Cheers for the support mate – I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. seantpage says:

    Cheers mate – a review from a forum like this means a lot – really appreciate it.

  3. Cabana says:

    Is there a film?

  4. wellyhead says:

    Can’t talk about this book but I do know that World War Z has a director and its scheduled to start shooting soon

  5. Auld-Yin says:

    this book has also been reviewed by the younger generation (Fang Farriers son) so have a look at their review hereto get the view of the younger generation.

  6. tiny_lewis says:

    Mr Page has kindly sent me the follow up “War Against the Walking Dead”, and its a cracker! review soon.

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