British Army Uniforms from 1751-1783: by Carl Franklin.

What it says on the box!

An illustrated book of British Army uniform from 1751 to 1783, and including the American War of Independence, this is a handsome and beautifully illustrated tome. It’s not a book for sitting down with and enjoying a dramatic tale, nor would it be considered de rigeur for beachfront holiday reading, however, it is a most excellent reference book, with exquisite details of all British Army uniform of the period.

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There are hundreds of illustrations, most in striking colour, of every variation on the uniform of the time, with painstaking detail of the accoutrements. There are sections on bridles, saddles and bits. Whole swathes on lace and cuffs and everything one might want to know about regimental facings. There are fascinating pieces on tartans, including some which have been lost or just discontinued.

This is a book for the serious collector, for those who either wish to write accurately about the forces of the period or the reader who is puzzled or just curious when an item is mentioned in some book.

I recall that one of the very first reviews I ever did was on a book that was similar but dealt with uniform and accoutrements of World War 1. I never expected to see any other book that had so much detail or information, but this book has, and the author must be commended for his research and thoroughness.

If one has any interest at all in this period in history, or even a fascination with British Army uniforms and the evolution of the dress, then this is the book for you, probably the most comprehensive and accessible book of it’s type on this subject.

Always informative and exceedingly educational, and presented beautifully. An superb book of its sort.

4 MH

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4 / 5 Mushroom Heads     
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