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Hearplugz-DF-earplugs Hearplugz-DF Earplugs - I am sure that most people know that your hearing slowly gets worse as you get older and it’s a bit of a one way street, so once it’s gone, it’s gone. As such, we generally try to protect our
362-highlander-forces-44-hmtc-77-1365527026 Highlander Forces 44 in HMTC - It could be said that Highlander are a house hold name when it comes to outdoor kit and the 44 Litre rucksack has been one of their firm favourites for a few years now. Now that it is clear that
Pro-Force Forces 33 Daysack in HMTC - This season’s must have colour is MTP, or at least some form of multi terrain camouflage, and most of the major military equipment distributors are adding this to their product lines. Scotland based Highlander are the latest to do so
Dixie’s Corner Watch Cover - Once, I had a combat Casio. However, after an unpleasant 0500hrs ‘fuck why can’t I turn the alarm off and use the light button at the same time’ doss-bag nightmare, I decided to get a new watch. In December last
Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike - I’ve been using folding bikes with varying degrees of satisfaction for a few years now. As I do much of my hillwalking using the rail system it makes sense to have a folding bike as once folded they are (in


Keela Multicam SF Waterproof Jacket - For many years now Keela have been making high quality clothing for the outdoor market. They also supply clothing to the emergency services,mountain rescue teams and of course the military. Due to the high quality and cost of their items
Molecule of Asia Dry Hydrogen Cargo Pants - The Dry Hydrogen Cargo Pants from Molecule of Asia are made from heavy cotton and right out of the packet feel like they are well made. The material is of good quality and the stitching and fittings are well done
Target Dry Mens Origin Insulated Jacket - The Origin insulated jacket is in the same group of jackets as the RAB Microlight Alpine jacket and The North Face Redpoint, although the offering from Target Dry is at the bottom of the budget range in comparison, but this
Molecule of Asia Classic Cargo Pants - Finding a good pair of well put together cargo pants is quite hard on the high street these days. So when I asked to review the Molecule Classic Cargo Pants I was a bit skeptical about how they would turn
Mil-tec Lightweight Smock & Trousers - I’m a big fan of my Arktis smock, and fancied something in a similar design (but slightly less military in looks than my lovely M/84 camo smock) for civilian use both on the range and for field sports activities. Obviously


yds public order boot2 YDS Control Public Order boots - It pays to ensure that the footwear you’re wearing is up to the task in hand. Whilst in military terms, the remit for Public Order is fairly limited, it is something that crops up from time to time in various
flipflops Bombshell Dark Combat Flip Flops - Ok – so I am approached to trial a pair of flip flops (Bombshell Dark), excellent I think – I needed a new pair for my holiday. They are called what?? Am I supposed to practice karate moves or something
flipflops2 AK-47 Combat Flip Flops - It is not often that you encounter a product where the marketing hype exactly matches reality. The AK-47 Combat Flip Flops that I’ve currently got on my feet are sold as “bad for running and worse for fighting” and although
moraine YDS Moraine GTX Boots - When I received these boots I thought that they looked like a shorter version of the issue Gore-Tex boots, they looked well made and solid. I must admit I was not looking forward to the breaking in period. Surprisingly this
pilgrim AKU Pilgrim boots - It’s fair to say that as far as boots designed for military application go, there’s not a lot of imagination in the majority of the styles available. Some might have some fancy leather design, or mesh in random places, but



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