WWII After Action Reports

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Virgil, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. Virgil

    Virgil LE

    Couldn't find if this had been posted here before.

    This LINK will take you to a series of WWII after-action reports mostly at the company and battalion level. Included is Ronald Speirs (of Band of Brothers fame) 33-page report (pdf) on the actions of Easy Co from 11-13 June 1944.

    Good reading for the WWII buffs.
  2. Cuddles

    Cuddles LE

    Watch this link...my intensely jack, nay blase security software roused itself from torpor, scratched its nuts and yawned, to scream warnings about the security certificate on this site...
  3. Virgil

    Virgil LE

    Yes, it'll screw your wife and steal your beer.

    It's a .mil US Army site which for some reason do that certificate thingy often. Never figured out why.
  4. Cuddles

    Cuddles LE

  5. Psypher

    Psypher LE

    Very good stuff there, thanks for the link.

    And no need to worry about the site certificate problem in this case.
  6. Virgil

    Virgil LE

    I just finished: Adams, Jonathan E. Jr. MAJ, "Operations of "A" Company, 508th Parachute Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division, Near Rencheaux, Belgium, 22-25 December 1944 (Ardennes Campaign)

    Very riveting stuff.
  7. Red Shrek

    Red Shrek War Hero

    Thank's for the link Virgil. This is excellent stuff and just makes you think of what those guys went through.