Why is the Parent Advice Thread so Busy?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Good CO, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. From my point of view its a valuable tool to keep parents informed. My JS was the only person I knew to get the grades and enrole in the September intake. The view of some of the parents in my youngest lads schools was a sharp intake of breath when I told them what he was doing. Then came the looks of "my god, you've killed your son". To say I felt isolated would be an understatement. Add to that the lad gives me the musgroom treatment and I was clueless what was happening, when to plan for him coming home etc.

    The thread and 99% of the contributors have helped me undertands things, get things into prespective and how to avoid the scams they pull. Like asking for a letter home then claiming their agai'd, so they can go off on their own.

    The lad doesnt want me ringing up asking the office for information and showing him up so I havent. I have got all the info and support I need form the other parents and other people in the know on the thread.

    I think a separate board would be a good idea.

  2. BTW, just a small point, there are dads out there who bring up their kids too. And worry.
  3. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    FFS Theone. If you're that sensitive to gender correctness then you're on the wrong site regardless of whether the parents thread is a good thing or not!
  4. Hi

    I didnt get to the Open Day at AFC but I believe ARRSE was mentioned to the parents then. Another Mum whose son is also at AFC told me about it. It took me 6 weeks to find it and ended up calling AFC and asking them about it. The advice and support on the whole has been great - it has got very political on occasions and I don't frequent the site nearly as much as I did.

    A group of parents have started up a support group on Facebook which I find far more supportive, easier to use as well giving me an opportunity to speak to other parents on line as if we were face to face.

    I don't know anyone who has a child at AFC who hasn't needed support, reasurrance or just the need to "rant" or "scream" at some point so I think its great that these types of support are around.

    I for one never thought that it would be such an emotional rollercoaster having a child at AFC!!!!
  5. The beauty of having this thread here is it that it benefits from a number of ARRSE members contributing who probably wouldn’t if there was a specific board set up. Whilst the parents provide brilliant support and reassurance for each other, in other areas it is literally the blind leading the blind and as we have seen on several occasions once the rumour mill kicks in speculation rapidly becomes proven fact. Whilst not the parent of a serving soldier or Soldier under Training I do get a certain amount of satisfaction from being able to provide up to date information or clarification of details if required. The MODs on this forum provide robust leadership and common sense which creates an environment were non military personnel can come and get either reassurance or information without having to declare their concerns formally to the military chain of command, something which a lot of parents are reluctant to do.
  6. Hi

    Personally I love the mix of advice and chat on the thread. It's easily accessible and does what it says on the tin; I'm not certain if seperating them would help. If a new parent was a bit of a technophobe it may not be easy to find the right thread, or indeed choose the correct one to post on. It would be awful to think of somebody needing the support this thread offers and not quite knowing where to turn.

    I don't think the army is so scary us parents daren't ring up for advice, but my JS is!! They generally seem to want us to leave them to it and we admire them for this and support each other on the thread. It's a great place to visit.
  7. oldbaldy

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    I don't usually come on this forum but here's my 6 penneth.
    Legs's straw poll in another forum show 80% of the people who answered are either serving or have served. That means they have all been through basic in one form or another covering a period from a couple of weeks ago back to WW2. That gives a very broad amount of knowledge. Plus some of those who have served have also had sons or daughters join and so can look at from both angles. And as been pointed out both recruiters and trainers are in that %.
    Adding the civilian parents who's offspring have now gone on to phase 2 or beyond add to it.
    That breath of knowledge gives a reputation and creates a snowball effect gathering speed.
    As long as the Mods continue to ensure that the advice given is good I think it will go from strength to strength.
    Taking it to another place would dilute the knowledge base which has created it all in the first place.
  8. When my son joined up last year I had absolutley no experience or knowledge of Army life. I had many questions that I did not feel were appropriate to ring AFC for and also just wanted to know what was happening. For this, the thread has been invaluable. The support from others in the same boat has been (and is still being) truly fantastic. I have meet some lovely people and feel I have a good support network in place now.

    Long may this continue for all :cuddle:
  9. When my son joined in January, we had no family background of the Armed Forces at all. Friends of mine did not understand the concerns I had regarding my JS and some were negative about me allowing him to enlist in the first place.

    On this forum, I found Mums and Dads in similar situations, going through the same emotions I was and we supported each other. No-one quite understands a JS parent than another JS parent.

    I now have a great support network in place (my son passed out of AFC(H) today .......... what an incredibly proud day), which hopefully will continue into Phase 2 and beyond.

    The original poster asked why the Parent Thread is so busy ....... it's because we care :D

    Love Rose :rose: xxxx
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Whilst the thread is a great support to parents the above does highlight one of the two problems that can occur with the thread.

    Point one is that a couple of times well meaning parents have wandered out of the recruit's forum into the NAAFI, and expressed their disgust at what is being talked about; you can imagine the result of that.

    Secondly the thread does not appear to be that heavily Mod'ed (understandably so), and a couple of times accusations of bullying during training et al have arisen with little foundation or evidential support. I may well be wrong about the Mod'ing part, but without over-site it could be very easy to spread rumours that worry already anxious parents.

    Sorry if I sound like a wet blanket, as I think that it is a great support mechanism.
  11. You would be suprised how much me and forastero have cut out of the parents thread with regards to blatant accusations. The thread is heavily modded but we always try to keep things in context. Some comments will remain becuase they can be seen for what they are, also it will trip a couple of radars from the AFC chaps, trig is excellent here as he will check things out.

    As always our advice is never to grind an axe on here, they must speak with the AFC direct with concerns of unfair treatment or rumours bullying. However some will not accept that their little general is a bit of a twat and thats why he is agai'd!

    As far as threads go the parents one is a favourite.

    ...and no your not getting a phase 3 thread :lol:
  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Please accept my apologies for posting in ignorance then; and having seen some of the posts that you refer to I am not surprised about the amount of editing at all. Hence the comment!

    Been there. Full 'what do you think' enquiry into why a contemporary was booted from RowCo. Daddy (A Reverend - go figure!) could not believe that his little darling had been SNLR'd. The fact that he was a jack, faking pschyo tool didn't occur to him! :D
  13. *hangs head in shame and raises arm* that would be me that Gremlin is referring too :oops:

    Having done that I learnt some valuable lessons though;
    1. Overall the Naffi group were actually very friendly and gave me another perspective on things
    2. The humour in the Naffi, although to those with sensitive ears may find a little hard, is actually second to none.
    3. The words, could you please, "let rip" on a fb group that was advocating defecating on some poor guards boots maybe was somewhat naive of me as I hadn't considered anyone else, but the army, would take an interest...which obviously they subsequently did!!!! (btw both groups have now thankfully been closed)
    4. If I saw a post in there that I wanted to comment on I'd do it again....BUT.....being married to an ex forces bloke, as you can imagine, my resistance to, "toilet humour" is high. :wink:

    I agree with you, though, that to go in there whinging about the content of the Naffi is just sheer stupidity....the banter in there will swallow you up whole and spit you out!!!! :D
  14. I think Disco and Forastero are the best Mod's on this site (*grovel grovel, creep, creep*)

    Can we change the phase 2 thread to "phase 2 and beyond" then? :)

    Ooooh and whilst I'm asking and you are obviously in a good seasonal mood Disco....can you make it a sticky??? :D

    and and and......can I have a puppy for Christmas :D
  15. Well put and grats :)