When a .50 BMG Rifle Just isnt Enough...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by JoeCivvie, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. Wasn't that Clint and Geoff Bridges in 'Thunderbolt & Lightfoot'?

    The bloke firing it looks a bit surprised in the video:

  2. Ive always said size matters .... :D but no one believes me!
  3. Joe, it was, but apparently the fillum incident was based on a true story (as true as Hollywood gets, anyway)
  4. meridian

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  5. Quite sporting recoil, I notice! That's how Chuck Norris keeps the starlings out of his garden! :D
  6. My bold

    It was called the Fat Mac, only 1 rifle was made.

    The .38 Special in the pic for comparison

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  7. No, for a back up gun, you need something for close in work. Like a shotgun:


    A bit infra-dig for the Coniston, though.....
  8. And you can just imagine keeping it at the "Present Arms" for 15 minutes with some Guards RSM screaming in your ear because the barrel is wobbling. Or in my case, the barrel is relatively steady because I'm wobbling all over the place.
  9. you can get an optional mount for a pick up truck Yeehaa :D
    sussex plod would probably be dim enough to give you a licence for it.
    its bolt action.
    not sure ugly would let you stalk with it though :cry:
  10. The title rings a bell, when I first saw it in COTW my initial reaction was, WTFs a burger doing in a book about cartridges?
  11. Unles it's changed recently, it will be 105mm as fired by the Light Gun, then it's a leap to 155mm. We used to have 175mm and a lovely 8" (200mm) until they were taken off us. :(
  12. There's one in the Museum on the Island of Suomenlinna which is a 15 minute boat ride from the harbour at Helsinki. Great little museum that Covers the Winter and Continuation Wars.

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  14. Cutaway

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    You know the Germans used a BMW combo with either a 34 or a 42 ?

    Their neighbours had a similar item...

    ...just with a 20mm.